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Human Evolution what is the Truth

Updated on January 6, 2014


Evolution is something that comes into question more and more these days. It all seemed straight forward a few years ago. As it seems all things on this planet do evolve so why not us. But when you look at other species evolution does seem to be the only answer. But now as people look at the human race, evolution just does not seem to fit into place with us. There seems to be more evidence coming out against it than there is for evolution. So just when we think we know it all, we just find another thousand questions.

Below are just a few of the main points coming out against evolution. There are many more points for evolution and many more against it. What is the truth, I don't think anyone really know. Even the greatest minds on the planet will agree that evolution has many question marks about it when it comes to the human race.

The Missing Link

Well most people know about this one and it just cannot be ignored the missing link. With all the fossils and other stuff people have found, there is still no sign of these fossils. Without one bit of proof showing the missing link it seems modern humans just appeared on this planet, and if we did just appear on this planet way back than, maybe religion is after getting it right with Adam & eve or did alien life find its ways to earth way back than. Aliens could explain the sudden burst of knowledge the human race gets every so often. But the fact remains their is no bones or sketlons

What happened our Body Hair

The experts tell us that we lost our body hair as we evolved. But why. We lose our body hair and than we have to invent clothes to keep warm. Why would evolution do this to a species. Than some would say we lost our body hair because we started wearing clothes. But why did all the tribes that stayed in the warmer areas of the planet lose there body hair. It just does not make sense

Day time or Night time

Which is it we are suppose to be in. Night time we can't see and daytime the sun can burn us to bits and cause all types of skin cancer. It don't seem to matter what colour you are. The sun is a killer no matter what. Yes I know we have adapted to cope in some ways and some people are fine, but for the greater majority of people the sun will kill you maybe not today or tomorrow but it will catch up with you someday.


We must be the only species on the planet that seems to have thousands of different things that can kill us. Our bodies seem to be allergic to everything. I know some people do lead very healthy life's. But if you think about it we all know a lot of people that are always getting sick or dying of some disease. Its like this planet is rejecting us or we just don't seem to be a natural evolution of this planet. Because we all know evolution is suppose to fix these thing. It works for everything else why not us. Look at it this way you buy a can of spray to kill insects but the chances are those insects have evolved so the spray won't kill them. They can do this over a single lifetime. But us, not a hope after a few hundred thousand years and we still can't beat the common cold.

Back Bone Problems

A lot of Humans have lower back problems. Why is this after how many hundreds of thousands of years evolution our back still can not hack it. Some say there is a very good reason for this. And that because some of our evolution did not happen on this planet, But on a different planet with a lower gravity pull. Even some of the experts will tell you that it looks like our back bone was designed to suit a lower gravity pull.


Yes we all know it. Humans are the ultimate killing machine. Its one thing killing for food, but some humans kill for fun. In fact humans will kill for just about anything plus we never stop trying to invent even more ways to kill others. So were does this killing instance come from. Because if you look at any other species on this planet they only kill for food and survival. But not humans so were does this evil streak come from. Who knows. I know a lot of people will say they would never kill another person but I think it is built into all of us. It only needs the right circumstances to bring it out. Than you have others who would kill you just for looking at them. Now if you ask me this cannot be something evolution would do.

Other Species

Why is it we are the only species on this planet that got smarter. Out of all the thousands of other species we are the only ones that got smarter. Evolution is suppose to improve your species. But how come it has not done the same with at least one other species.

Monkeys & Apes

Now these guys are suppose to be our ancestors. But why are they still monkeys & Apes. Did evolution just decide to pick a few of them and make them smarter, and leave the rest as monkeys & Apes. I know the great minds will say that species will branch of and make new species. But would you not think the different steps in species change would still be around. Just look at it like this, monkeys are what we are suppose to of evolved from. So as we evolve we improve. But how come all these improved species are not around. Just the monkey and us. Would you not think the monkey would be the species that would die out and not the improved ones.


Well what is the conclusion. Who really knows. But one thing I do know, it was not all that long ago the greatest minds on this planet though the world was flat. So don't go thinking these people have all the answers. If you believe that religion gives us all the answers about how the human race got here, than you may be right.

Also there is many different theories about aliens which seem to fit into human history. Plus if you put the alien and religion stories together it seems to explain things a whole lot better than evolution.

Here's one example of when you put the two together

About eighty thousand years ago. Two aliens were cast out from there own planet for being too war like. They were sent to earth until they and there children have learnt to improve there ways. These aliens are called Adam & Eve.

Adam & Eve than went on to mate with the local species which than results in modern humans. As time goes on, the people that cast out Adam & Eve visit earth to check on progress. Seeing how war like everything still was, they sent in prophets to try and educate the people here. We are still being monitored today.

This is just a short example that I found while browsing the web. There are thousands like this, some make a lot of sense and some are pure rubbish. But out of the three options Evolution - Aliens or Religion. Evolution is the only one which says it is all right to kill, as it is survival of the fittest. The other two options Aliens & Religion seem to teach that we are two war like and need to change our ways.

So what is the truth?

What do you think?

So how do you think we got here?

Do you think we will ever know the truth about how we got here or do you already know

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    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      5 years ago from Arlington, TX

      I reckon you'll find out when you die.


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