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Human Trafficking101

Updated on November 2, 2010

`           There are a number of organized crime rings currently operating not only around the world, but in our very own United States as well. Sure it may be easy to say that its all or mostly mafia related but in my opinion, this is no longer true. One of the most well known forms of organized crime could very well exist in our own back door. Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is basically the 21st century form of slavery. Slavery itself is rooted deep into our worlds culture and past. Today’s society often view slavery as an issue of the past but this is far from the truth. Human trafficking is becoming a more and more uncontrollable epidemic of tortured women and girls. Recently it was revealed that human trafficking is one of the most profitable forms of business in the world. The sad part is that even with that revelation, people refuse to believe that this even exists. We believed that the mafia existed without ever having seen much on it, why would this be so far out? A large percentage of human trafficking is known to exists right here in the United States. White slaver has and will probably have more levels of operation from the selling of merchandise to luring more and more victims and have inborn victims. (Harmon)

Human trafficking is a very calculating and specific operation. They actually take preventative measures to insure their merchandise is kept in line and in confinement. This is just done to ensure that money is continually made on a broader basis. They often use threats of violence to these women’s families in order to get them to submit, or force the women to pay some sort of debt that would make the average consumer impossible to pay off.

In today’s economy, its quite simple that sex sales and probably will always sell. Look at prostitution, one of the oldest professions in existence. It’s a highly profitable market just like male and female strip clubs and most likely always will be. Sex is marketed all around society from television and films to billboards and even children’s computer games. Can it be suggested that society itself is to blame for human trafficking?

            While trafficking is widely believed to be Russian based, different organizations directly related to the main thread are constantly sprouting up in society. The US alone is principally a transit and destination country for human trafficking. It’s been esti9mated that between 15,000 to 20,000 people mostly women and children are trafficked in the united States annually. The US government established the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 to help try and combat the ever growing empire. (Harmon)

            When it comes to the legality of human trafficking, we all know its illegal. But if its so illegal, why has does it continue to grow and grown? One issue is that laws that protect society, also protect criminals. Privacy laws enable criminal behavior to go on and on. Time and time again society doesn’t feel like justice is being done or made because we all have the same rights no matter what we do to someone else. The same laws that protect us protect the serial killer or trafficker next door.

Human Trafficking has had a severe and debilitating effect on society. For the most part, individuals who are forced into trafficking have their life spans cut short significantly. On average, the life span for these individuals is only about five years. Furthermore, the spread of HIV/AIDS is on the rise as a significant result of human trafficking.  In other words, human trafficking and HIV are threatening human development and security.  Women and children being trafficked are subjected to unbelievable amounts of unprotected sexual activity and their captors do not care about infection and just continue to move infected “merchandise” from one client to the next because their only goal is to make more money. 


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    • profile image

      Fiacre 6 years ago

      Frankly what you said here seems so extreme and it ought to be rethought. I just wrote a review of a new award winning book about international sex trafficking and I want people to see it. It is quite an eye opener, I think.