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Human and Humanity Equals a Well damn Sanity

Updated on September 21, 2012


The definition originates from the adjective 'homo' which is borrowed from Latin 'humanus' and related to the genus species.

Our Homo-sapient are the direct descendants from the well gone Australopithecus. The curious finding is the root of the adjective hum-anus from the proto-indo-European root 'dhǵhem' which is Earth.

But how we get this humanity and and its counterpart instilled in us?

and where are we going from here? It's been a long journey personally and cannot be grateful enough to the human race after all.

We make mistakes like any other kid, and we have people around us to make the proper corrective measure and at times making sure you don't run into further or incoming trouble over and over.

First human beings to guide our lives are our parents. From the very beginning we inherit moods and ways and even 'facial' attitudes.

Our own voice recalls part of what we heard first hand. Just a quick example put three American kids to three kids from Thailand. The American boys will play baseball and the Thai boys will play throwing sticks or squat together to chat.

Do you see the difference? The American boy will ask questions about their different ways. The Bangkok kids will built a kite.

The second big change is school. Most of us were afraid to leave home for the first time. Yes! you too dear reader. To spend our first 6 hours away from our personal world. Traumas come around specially with math and all these homework.

As we grow, we start shaping up our own character and personality. Some are eloquent and others are just there. You might wonder why is like this and that? Well I try to go back in time...

Charlemagne's era? "No! go back to our beginnings".

How about 49 A.D.? When Rome invaded Britannia? "No! just go back to our prehistorical era, What do you see now?"

I see an amoeba and algae why?

" Oh, you went too forward a little more...550,000 years or so..."

Now we are talking. This woman is breastfeeding her child... and the father is sharping up a rock.

What do we really see? There is an interaction and affection, and 'commitment.' Not that this caveman promised his woman the world, but according to the time in where you were born, You will build up your own self either on a solid foundation or a weak wishful thought from the antechamber of your 'own destruction.'

Why Japanese kids excel in math more than us?

They have their parents pressure. Their own identity push themselves to be better and bigger. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they had no other choice but to be the best. But why so many commit suicide? Then deep inside these kids wanted to be normal like any other Children of the world.

Same thing about the middle east violence. Kids, whether they are Palestinians or from Israel, they are taught to get ready and be ready to confront an insecure and unfair world.

When they see the American flag, all they see is hatred and remorse. But join kids from all over the world at..let's say two or three years of age. Bring toys of any kind. Make sure they share and feel good about it. I bet you, they will never forget those moments and they most likely will call themselves brothers!

Technology and ourselves

Internet and our modern media are breaking barriers like never before. If you check nowadays your kid and ask him who he was playing 'call of duty IV' with. He will answer you that he was playing with a friend from Turin-Italy, through the Messenger. Young generations from Egypt, Libya and other middle eastern nations are finding out that they cannot live like their grandparents, subjected to a Big and absolute regime.

Going back to us. How about us? Are heading into a good direction? Several factors indicate that our society is going downfall. Quality of education is the lowest since the end of the second world. How many potential Bernard Madoff's are aout there? Countless. We all want to have a decent living and have a job.

But what happened when our kids realize that they will not see social security on their many date rapes have not been denounced for fear of being exposed and stigmatized? How can we keep ourselves mentally health, until our final call arrives?

I really don't have the Authority and the degree to find a solution to our social issues. I leave open this for our Hubbers who can come up with their own points of view.

If the human race finds a way to teach these toddlers not to hate and be part of one world.

When Rousseau wrote his Emile (1762), He proposed a unique method of teaching young generations. Unfortunately today is not feasible for different reasons: Politics, Our own education System and ourselves.

Our own sanity depends on us and how we want to change the world... not just change the carpet in your bedroom.


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  • PETER LUMETTA profile image

    PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

    Lord, the world needs to see things a little different and your little stories are one way. The fate of mankind rests in the need to communicate with every one without prejudice and with real concern. Keep the fire going, we need it now more than ever, Thanks,


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    very welcomed prasetio30,

    If we writers can help the world why not do in the best way? Thanks for your valuable comment


  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Nice hub and very inspiring. Thanks for writing this and all messages inside this hub. Vote up!