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Human Intellectual Capacity and Its Types

Updated on May 6, 2020

What is Intellectual Ability?

It is important to understand an example before understanding it. If you think about it, you will find that humans and other animals are equal. Such as our eating, sleeping, waking, crying, laughing, feeling things, feeling the intensity of pain, urinating, craving for food, all these things are also found in animals, to distinguish or separate human beings from animals. What is the thing that has given man a separate place from animals?

What is the human virtue that makes man superior?

This is the thing that distinguishes man from other animals and gives man a special place. Some of my friends used to say that the reason why man is distinguished is his speech. His power of speech has given him a distinct place from animals because animals do not speak but speak in their own voices. Put a logical point in front of us that speaking is not a great virtue because if it proves that we are distinguished from speaking, then just speaking is not the cause of our progress because just speaking is not a virtue, even if it comes in animals. Not a big deal

verbal comprehension

What is verbal comprehension?

Verbal comprehension is the process by which a person can form a unique opinion about the importance of things and their structure and about them.
In speaking comprehension you begin to understand the nature of things by opening the circle of accountability of things as we can recognize words by speaking The most important point in rational ability is how well you can speak and speak things. It is not a miracle to just perceive things in silence, but as soon as the word comes to your tongue you can form a unique opinion about things. A word has a different meaning within it. That meaning is sometimes conveyed through different words but the intensity of the words is special with its own meaning which is why verbal comprehension is given so much importance.

What is perceptual speed?

2nd perceptual speed:

Perceptual speed is an attribute that has the status of the first brick for intellectual ability. You may think that I am talking off a subject even though it is very connected to the subject. Consider what we mean when we say that such and such a person is very intelligent. What we mean by that is that such and such a person has a very high perceptual speed, he has the ability to understand things immediately, there is a student in the class who understands the problem immediately, such as the board of teachers. But as he writes, things begin to take shape in his mind. And this is the perceptual speed. Don't ignore it, because the drug of human mental ability is based only on the bases that are being mentioned.
The human brain tries to understand things by associating them with their perceptions, and until the correct perceptions of things are formed in its mind, it continues to understand and is constantly confused. To remove this confusion, the human brain creates a defensive force within itself that works very quickly in perceiving and perceiving things. This is called perceptual speed.

What is inductive reasoning?

3rd inductive reasoning:

What is inductive reasoning? Let me give you a very simple example to understand this question. Suppose we have been seeing from the beginning of the universe that every human being born into this world goes through a certain period of time and he dies, we have tried this formula over and over again and our brains are ready for it. That whoever comes into this world dies, then we will form the same opinion about ourselves or other people that you will also die and I will also die because we are human beings and human beings have been born from the first day. After death, the same is true of animals. Then this inductive reasoning creates an overall concept in our mind and maps the whole world. Establishes a new concept of eye and kicked tsurhutahy of the inductive reasoning. No human being can do this, because only humans can do reasoning. Animals do not have this ability, we humans draw conclusions through our brains and these results give us great, excellent and complex ideas. This is achieved only by keeping the intellect at the right angle.

What is deductive reasoning?

4th deductive reasoning:

Deductive reasoning is purely a game of results, in which the results are discussed, first the different sentences are put together in a sequence and they are interconnected, then a relationship is formed about them. An order is issued which is present in these sentences. It is also called deductive reasoning or Aristotle's logic. It allows you to understand things very quickly. These spies use it in their work if we adopt it. When we start, our brain will start working much faster because it is just like we play puzzle games. It is not an easy task to draw a pure rational conclusion from words or words, and it is not as easy as thousands of chess moves or tricks, just as it can yield thousands of results as we change the word. Anyway, the result will change. For example, I would say that all students of philosophy are intelligent. Alex is a student of philosophy, so Alex is also intelligent. In it we first formulated a sentence or a case and at the same time compiled another sentence. From these two we came to a rational conclusion which we can solve through deductive reasoning. Dude! This is very helpful in improving the intellectual quality. This is what sets humans apart from animals. Do animals have the ability to draw such conclusions? They are not because they are not endowed with intellect. We human beings are the best creatures. We have been given the highest position. This may be due to our intellect.

What is memory?

5th Memory:

What is memory? It's very easy to understand, remember, animals also have memory but their memory is very different from human memory. They can save things in their minds in different forms but we can use words in their order, their synthesis, their intensity, images, concepts, pain and its intensity, feelings and their depth, perception and its secret workmanship. The intellect and its products, emotions and their power, can put all these things in their minds. Humans are not only given superiority over animals, but there are many reasons for this. Human intellect is the best of them all. It is a great weapon if it is used in the right way and its way of working is understood because we human beings know how to be trendy and sharpen our intellect. Also know how to do۔

As an example of memory, I will give you a reference to a machine in a factory in which a worker puts raw material inside the machine and finds an orderly and excellent product. In fact, our brain is also a perfect memory. In the case of K, it acts as a machine and brings our memories out through our words. Maybe that is why our words are aligned with our memories and connected with our emotions. Memory is not only for repeating things but the brain also uses old data as a weapon, the brain starts working at its full capacity and sometimes through memory man can solve many of his problems as mentioned above. That the matter of memory is very different between animals and us. Only the color of things, their smell, etc. remain in their mind and everything can stay in our mind.

Just like a man who has had good moments with his wife, many years later, if he wants to remember her, he will bring the same feeling and feeling back to his mind, and this is not uncommon, as William Woodsworth said. He said that he has always kept the fragrance of flowers and the beauty of nature in his mind as a memory

What is spatial visualization?

6th spatial visualization:

Spatial visualization is a rational substance that has played a significant role in improving human insight. Let's take a look at what Joseph Murphy rightly said that when our brain visualizes things, it achieves things. This is not a trivial matter because it is very rare in animals. Whether it's a cat, a dog, a lion or an elephant, they don't think much about their prey, and no tree needs to worry about their fodder or papers when I will get fodder, not at all. On the contrary, man is the only creature that violates things before they can acquire them.
The task of all consciousness is to keep reminding you of the concept of things, through which we succeed in sharpening the human intellect. Do you still think that there is another reason for human discrimination?

What is Number aptitude?

7th Number aptitude:

Number aptitude This is a huge and important force of human intellect as people like Einstein were always trying to improve their ability because it is not so easy to come to a subject like physics, animals cannot do this work they do not count or calculate. Can keep It is also the ability of the human brain to do this.
If you think about it, you will find that our brain collects a little bit of information and gives us different ideas, but it rarely happens that it shows us mathematical dreams or ideas because it is only possible to connect with them and make them. It is not so easy to understand, only a person who has a mathematical mind, that is, a consequential mind, can get it or understand it, without which it is difficult to understand.

Pro Tip From Me:

If you want to improve all of your abilities and overcome them by improving your mental abilities as shown in the trailer for the movie Lucy, then you need to start doing brain derivatives like playing chess, Solve puzzles, choose math subjects, watch movies with difficult situations, etc. It will also speed up the brain and increase the ability to understand things.
Your understanding can also increase when you start seeing out of the box, that is, do not see what people are showing you, but see what is real. If a person is well-dressed, it does not mean that he is rich and financially well-off, but it is possible that it is all for rent. When you start to see contradictions and reversals, you will be ready for everything and it will help you to increase your mental and intellectual strength.

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