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Save Girl Child

Updated on December 29, 2012

A Girl plays many roles in her lifetime. She grows up to be a Woman, a Wife, and a Mother. She is the giver, a contributor in any relationship. She is a true humanitarian since; can multi-task and juggle between her personal life, her career, and her family life. She is a philanthropist of this universe.

Yet, many parts of the world, do not hesitate to dump the female infants in the trash or abandon the child fetus. The traditions and rituals of some countries are ridiculous thus, wanting the girl child to be obsolete by eliminating them and discriminating between the genders. They do not realize that by being selective of the sex of the child, they are depleting the sex ratio of the planet.

Countries facing such crises are currently representing the lowest child sex ratio in the world. Boys outnumber the girls in their society.

What is the reason of this downfall?

Dowry is the number one reason for the decline in this sex. Parents, who have a few assets and cannot pay the price of sending off their daughters when marrying them off, prefer to cut short their lives before they are born or want to dispose them off as an infant.

There are clinics out there that advertise about selective human breeding and give the option of abortions when a female fetus is detected via diagnostic tools.

Government is taking action by trying to implement various laws to help save the girl child, but due to Corruption, Inflation and Greed, many such cases are still read about in various parts of the country.

Educate a man, you educate one person, educate a woman, you educate a complete family.”
Greg Mortenson

Educate the Girl

Many communities throughout the world prefer to send their girls to work in fields or factories rather than to schools just so that they can make a better livelihood.

Educating a girl is like sowing a seed, which will eventually evolve into a well-educated society. This education will make her achieve her potential and make her independent by helping her to make wise decisions towards her future. When this girl turns into a woman and has her own family, she will have the opportunity to instill that knowledge and expertise into her descendants, who will turn out to be respectful citizens of the community.

Child Marriages

Girls are Wed off as soon as they enter teens to reduce the burden of a daughter’s expense and also hope to adapt her in-laws. The result:

  • Her education is neglected.
  • She become vulnerable to domestic violence.
  • Girls are susceptible to early pregnancies, which results in their babies’ early deaths. Reports indicate that girls under the age of 17 have a 60% chance of their babies to die in their first year of life.


There are some unfortunate souls who still suffer in silence and the main cause of this is:


With the jobless rate increasing and the need to put food on the table, the girls are forced to stop their education and venture out to get a job. The girls have been deprived of the basic rights to health, education, independence and development. They are subjected either to Child Labor or to Prostitution. Both are morally wrong for any human. But, this girl who is the creator of the universe is being subjected to this torture and agony.

What is the Solution?

Countries where Girls are subjected to be the victims of poverty should get compensation from the Government so that they have enough funds to educate the girl and give her the equal rights as a boy in the family.

The government should check periodically those families, and see if the girls are actually getting benefited from the allowance given to their parents.

A Shout-out

Woman is the giver of life, and if they are subjected to torture, then no Man shall be able to thrive on this planet with peace. Treat them with respect just as any human being ought to be treated.

Technology is created by man, which indicates that humans are smart souls then, isn't it time to put an end to this injustice? Who are we to determine who can live or not?

Save the girl child and ban female foeticide or else man will become extinct from this planet.

Urging the Government of various countries where this disease is present to take charge and implement laws so that corruption, poverty, inflation do not make their race extinct.


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