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Huntsman Marine Biology Trip - New Brunswick Canada

Updated on October 22, 2012

Trip in Brief

We left from my high school, Earl Of March Secondary School, with students from West Carleton Secondary School, on a bus at 8am on a Sunday morning. We got to our campus on the Huntsman Marine Science Research Centre, in St. Andrews, New Brunswick around 8:30pm. []

We were shown to our bedrooms with our picked out room mates and set up for the 6 day trip. We participated in various educational activities, such as collecting specific animal specimens for labs that we performed later. We also spent a night at 'whale camp' on Grand Manan Island. At whale camp, we ventured onto a boat and spent 6 hours whale watching. We saw many whales, seals, and birds (including puffins). We were able to go out into the Bay of Fundy, where the highest tides in the world reside, and try raw scallops! We were also given lectures on whales and lobsters in the aquarium, located at the bottom of the hill underneath the Huntsman campus. (Our legs got quite the workout...) This aquarium contained seals (Loki and Snorkel), many types of fish such as sturgeon, salmon, and cod. To my delight there was a huge touch tank filled with little critters we had access to for the whole 6 days! In addition to a touch pool, filled with skates. Those were pretty cool. We left after a bell ringer exam back on the bus we came with, all perfectly content. I would love to go here again and suggest anyone considering to go on this trip to go ahead with it! Also, as a side note, the food in the cafeteria was EXCELENT. We had home made style food that was delicious and on our last night, those that wanted to try it, got to eat freshly caught lobster.

This trip sounds very educational, which it was, but it was also a lot of fun. It was serious, but not so serious we had to get stressed out about anything. We had lost of time to work on our homework too, which was a great thing because we were given a lot......

We were able to handle live specimens and do class work with living organisms, something which you rarely to never get to do in real school, all around this was an outstanding trip!

*If you want me to point out anything, like where the picture was taken, whats in it, etc. then comment with your questions! Also, please don't go sharing these pictures on other sites or saving them on your computer unless you've asked me and I have said that you could. Thanks!

Some Photos From The Trip


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Beautiful pictures. I can imagine how exciting this would be. If you go ahead and label your pictures and have at least 700 words, maybe a map, video and/or poll this will be put out there more to reach more readers. I can see this being a really great hub. Up and sharing.