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EASY TO MAKE: Hydraulic arm

Updated on January 9, 2015

Many engineering classes in both elementary and high school assign a project related to hydraulics. A hydraulic arm is a practical method for analyzing the way hydraulic fluids transfer energy from one point to the next. In this "Hub", we will be looking at a hydraulic arm project with the following restrictions and objectives:

  • The hydraulic powered arm must turn 90 degrees in order to complete the course
  • It must be able to pick up and drop a predetermined number of film canisters.
  • Usable materials are predetermined by the teacher.

The following video is a completed project and also includes a schematic of the design, which is analysed in the text below it:

Hydraulic Arm Demonstration:

High resolution image available at the link below. Feel free to use it as necessary.
High resolution image available at the link below. Feel free to use it as necessary. | Source

The Hydraulic Control System

The hydraulic arm operators will be in control of three syringes. One will control the rotation of the device, while the other lifts and extends it in an attempt to pick up a canister.Much practice is needed to efficiently work as a group. When one person pushes on a syringe, the liquid then extends the syringe placed on the device, which is attached to the initial syringe by a small plastic tube. The liquid used in the syringes will also determine the efficiency of the hydraulics system.

The Liquid

Due to the fact that oil is almost incompressible, it is the ideal liquid for a hydraulic system. Yet is was found to corrode the rubber material inside a common syringe. When water was tested, it was deemed acceptable, since it didn't compress an excessive amount.

What is Compression?

Compression is when the spaces between molecules are reduced due to an external force. This causes less of the energy applied on the first syringe to transfer to the second syringe.


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      srishti 2 years ago

      not gd at all

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      Hi 4 years ago

      Have you ever ate popcorn it's horrible and my dog ate it and he died

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      Aniket shinde 4 years ago

      Thank you for Introduction,!

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      Aman Sharma 4 years ago

      thankx for giving me this idea. Now I can make it easily.:)

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      Nathan 5 years ago

      Olivia is awesome

    • profile image

      sonam 6 years ago

      pascal's law which was " If pressure is applied to an enclosed fluid it will be transmitted undiminished or not decreasing in all directions". is used in hydraulic arm

    • profile image

      sonam 6 years ago

      Hydraulics is a branch of science and engineering concerned with the use of liquids to perform mechanical tasks.

      The word "hydraulics" comes from the Greek word ?????????? (hydraulikos) which in turn comes from ???????? meaning water organ[?] which in turn comes from ???? (water) and ????? (pipe).

      Typically, the fluid used in a hydraulic system is an incompressible liquid such as water or oil. Pressure is applied by a piston to fluid in a rigid vessel, causing the fluid to press on another piston that delivers energy to a load. If the areas of the two pistons are different, then the force applied to the first piston will be different from the force exerted by the second piston. This creates a mechanical advantage.

      extra info if ever reguired

    • profile image

      mollameri molla 6 years ago

      please give it step by step

      on how to make it proparly

      especially how the hole thing moves right left

    • profile image

      richu 6 years ago

      thanku for the idea it is awesome

      ive decided to do it

      only one question

      should i use thermocol or cardboard

    • profile image

      renesmeechanel 6 years ago

      cool, im building this for my grade nine project. can you list how to make it step by step?