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I Began a Diet Consisting With a Higher Intake of Water

Updated on May 8, 2020
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High interest for Health & Physical Education which is my area of study, and testing different types of diets, and fads.

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Many will read this and question it by saying “Doesn’t everyone do this?”, the truth is simple. Yes. Not many will look at this, but those who will be clearly interested in fitness and health. Water is such a mystical element of nature that people simply overlook it. I began to wonder what it would do if I began to increase how much I consumed. As a disclaimer I do not recommend this type of dieting, as it may cause injury if done wrong. This is my experience through what I did.

Before beginning my water diet/ fast however you choose to call it I began to condition myself through increasing my intake of water. Over-consumption of water does bother some people, especially if you increase it a lot more than you usually. Hyper-hydration, or over-hydration of the body may induce vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and may become life-threatening. Therefore, you should increase it slightly, and not do it suddenly.

When I began this diet, I had originally weighed 280.2 lbs, as of now I stand at 255.4 lbs. Since I began it about a month and a half ago that is a 24.8 lbs decrease in my body weight. It is incredible that I have lost this much weight and I continue to do this but there are other things that you need to switch up to do this much more effectively. There is no magical way to shed weight unless a person decides to go through with a surgery.

Now what else did I do to make this much more effective?

For starters start by cutting down on how much you consume in food. Decreasing calories will help with losing weight, with everyone that decides to try something like this start by going easy and just cut out things like sweets or decrease the amount that you consume. Foods high in sugar does affect you, try to avoid these. One of the issues that I see is that people try to cut things out and it does not work, in case this attempt to decrease the amount that you may consume, and substitute with fruits.

Secondly, attempt to increase how much cardio/ weight bearing exercises you do. Exercising is an important part in gauging how much weight you lose. With exercise it will help you tighten the loose tissue/skin due to dieting, as well increase your libido. Not only does it make you look better, but it helps you feel much stronger.

Lastly, the increase of water will speed up how much you will/should lose. The issue is that the body needs to replenish itself through the day, and water is the best way to go. Water helps hydrate the body, lubricates joints, flushes the digestive system, and boost skin beauty.

Final notes

I have trained with several hundreds of athletes, and spoken to Olympians, and Olympic hopefuls as well, and from what I have heard is to drink about half of your body weight in fluid ounces. Now for some people that may be a lot more than what some are capable of, but that is why you may need to condition yourself to drinking a vast amount of water. For myself, I decided to drink 140 FL. Oz which is equivalent to a little over 1 gallon of water (128oz). I have not had any complications with drinking this much water, but it should not be consumed all at once, but consumed through the day.

As an athlete, water is by far the superior way of hydration, and as a Health and Physical Education enthusiast, I believe that the consumption of water is key to health benefits as well as aiding your diet, and increasing your loss.

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