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I Support the Oxford Comma

Updated on May 29, 2017

This World is *Facepalm*

Pluto is relevant.

The Oxford comma shouldn't even be questionable or optional. Eighth grade English teachers who award a child with an "A" on a structurally flawed essay that is riddled with elementary grammatical and spelling errors are certainly not helping the child prepare for college.

Common core is so abrasive.

"No child left behind" lowers the standards of goal-setting and success.

Participation trophies mock determination and wrongfully take away the acknowledgements of hard work and/or skill from the top performing children.

Apps that text children to remind them of their assignments interfere with a child's ability to fully grasp the concept of responsibility and independence.

I'm sure I could think of so many other disheartening factors, but I think I made my point. After all, I'm just sitting here quizzing a third grader on the Solar System...


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