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Improve your life by saying I am in charge of my life

Updated on August 29, 2010

In sixty years the physical changes are obvious

The writer as a boy of fifteen.  How many years ahead and what to do with them?...
The writer as a boy of fifteen. How many years ahead and what to do with them?...
The writer at 74.  Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, but today, this very moment, is all we ever have...that's why they call it a present.
The writer at 74. Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, but today, this very moment, is all we ever have...that's why they call it a present.

To be happy, and to make others happy, we need to develop a philosophy we can happily live with.

Improve your life by saying to yourself, as I do: "I am in charge of my life." Take charge, as I have. Or at least, this is my intent. What happens in my life is entirely my responsibility. What happens is the result of my choices, conscious or unconscious. The latter I can bring to my awareness if I examine all that I do; observe myself in action and endeavour to find the motivation behind those choices. Those of a conscious nature I must also examine, look at objectively and weigh them against my intention - for intention is the decisive factor. I know that my intention should always be worthy.

Values, qualities, skills are more important than material objects

 These words I wrote on 3rd of January 2001.  Today, 29th May 2010, I'm wondering if I've stuck by that resolution.  But I continue with that essay here...

     It is my intention to rise, to become better in all the ways that really count.  I write here of things of the spirit.  I have long known that values, qualities, skills are far more important than the material objects with which we fill so much of our thinking.  That we have to have material things in a material world is obvious.  That we have to have all that our ego would have us have is to sell our souls in an endeavour to satisfy the impossible.   Even the most powerful of all emperors never achieve in satisfying his ego.   In the long term, it can't be done.

The ego is forevoer seeking for such abstracts as prestige, acclaim, to be envied

But it isn't always the material things the ego seeks. It is the abstracts as well: prestige, acclaim, to be envied, to have temporal power, to be hero-worshipped, the things which come under the broad banner in Theosophical parlance as 'glamour.' These, too, need to be done away with.

My big drama for a long while has been to teach things of importance (aside: and this I did between for eight years between 2002 and 2009, so this essay could have helped) to be a sort of 'universal evangelist.' The challenge has been to discover the God within that I might be fit to teach that which I desire to teach. But the motivation has always been there. In this life, anyway. Or if not always, certainly it has been with me consciously these last ten years or so.

I am in charge of my life: my ego-mind tends so often to think otherwise

The big dream has also been mingled with ego-thought, unfortunately. It has been filled with grandiose dreams of fame and fortune. And these have been at variance with the true issues. Those issues being 'wanting to know and teaching the truth.' The wanting to know preceding the teaching. But this has always been linked with the 'glamour' mentioned above.

So now it gets down to intent. What is my intent in this point in time?

Improve your life with this realization: Each person is an immortal soul

I believe that I was 'born to make people happy.' I still believe this. But in order to make others happy I must have happiness flowing within me- and a lot of it. Supplementing this need to 'make people happy' comes something more profound than just wanting to take people 'temporarily' away from their morbidity. It is a desire to give something of lasting value. That 'something' I have deduced to be the knowledge that each person is an immortal soul. I feel that this knowledge, driven firmly into consciousness, will do more to ameliorate suffering than anything else.

To make others happy in the long term this, to me, is the most noble of all enterprises

This is hardly an original concept. Jesus Christ and Gautama the Buddha also made this their life's work, as did many other saintly persons.

It is my intent to raise my spiritual awareness. It is my intention to rise. It is my intention to be a better, more loving, more compassionate wiser person, so that I can bring these qualities in increasing measure to those with whom I have dealings upon this earth.

It is my intention to ameliorate the pull of ego-desires and to align myself with my Higher Self, my spiritual essence - the god part of me. In order to do this I must shed the petty weaknesses that are in possession of me through ego desires. The need to show off must go. As must the need for approval.

Nothing need be repressed. What needs to be done is to move 'beyond' these ego-desires, to leave them behind - and to never look back.

This is my intent: to not turn back

This does not mean not to remember. It means that 'once I have put my hand to the plough I am not to look back,' i.e. want the old life. I must be willing to release all. Clinging is one of the primary causes of suffering, according to Buddha.

In concrete terms, i.e. in the world of physical action, it is my intention to continue with my storytelling. It brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. But I shall step up, too, my stories of 'survival of the soul.' That is my intention at the moment.

I shall monitor my thoughts more closely

In abstract terms, I shall monitor my thoughts more closely. I shall be more patient and less judgemental. I shall put more emphasis on goodwill thoughts arising within me. I shall be more conscious of each choice I make. And I shall always endeavour to choose the more worthy options open to me. This is my intent.

Upon reflection...

As I read through the above essay written fourteen years ago, I can see that a lot of my good intentions have not been realized. Some have. I did continue with my storytelling - and am still at it. I did run a class for eight years: Inner Quest - Our Search for Happiness, Body, Mind, and Spirit which brought a lot of happiness to those who attended it. At least, this was the feedback. Also, I continued with my daily meditation and it would be fair to say that I now have more moment of 'being in the now' than fourteen years ago.

Still, I haven't gained complete control over my restless mind. It's something I -and I expect all of youk, dear readers - will need to do as a life-long project.

Hope you enjoyed this essay: Improve your life I am in charge of my life. To make you aware of the greatness we all have inside; to make others happy, this is my intent.

My love to you all.



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  • M.s Fowler profile image

    M.s Fowler 7 years ago from United states

    Great advice!