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The Guild of Lady Nike Speaks

Updated on January 5, 2017

Hear Me Roar

Once upon a time, in the Land of the Free, there was a brave heroine. She was named after a God, and defined as the People's Victory. She carried a swift sword at each side, and upon her breast was stitched the emblem of a shield. Within this symbol was gold-laced lettering. It read "Freedom of Speech", and was recognized by all within her realm. To our beloved friend, sprung of Nike himself, the idea of speech was more than banter; much grander than an exchange or debate. To her, speech was magic. It was healing, and it was an ancient power.

Her peers, for lack of a better title, were often confused regarding the code she placed her belief in. At times, they tried to persuade her from her mission.

Now, let me stop you right here, and point out that hubpages does not allow fiction, except under creative writing. As such, it shouldn't be necessary to explain, but I will, that our aforementioned lady is very real.

Continuing on, I will assure you that, our story does have its ebb and flow. Lady Nike, as we will call her, was an excellent character as well as human. She made mistakes and magic in balanced increments. She was predictably, unpredictable. Her character weakness would be her random bad choices, despite her innate wisdom. You see as a young child she had been raised by a master wordsmith of a teaching guild. The teachers no longer used the term "guild", but it is as accurate a description one can provide. Her teacher was her mother; an artist with music and words. An animated woman that never accepted failure, her teacher had used the most advance tool known in her lesson plans. Her ancient and famous approach was love.

This upbringing, was crucial to forge the spectrum of healing our Lady Nike came to master. Like her mother she fell in love with music and found many sound healing techniques. Within the guild's backyard she met her best friend at the age of three. Our lady loved to play with stones as a child, and as it happened that's exactly where her best friend first found her. A true friend who immediately joined her at exploration. They became like sisters, and continued to both grow interests in healing. In time they were made aware of the healing powers of crystals, animals, and aromatherapy. They went on to become excellent wordsmiths, and created songs whenever the mood struck them. These are two examples, out of a plethora, of excellent influences on her life. Later on, after extensive training with the wise ones of the land, she then branched into the healing power of touch and smiling.

Wise Ones


While the majority of Lady Nike's later years were split between counsel with the wise, and raising a son; she did dip her toes into parallel studies when able. One of these studies included visual therapy (healing) and the power of emotions. Being a natural dancer, she kept herself in shape physically, but very secretly. Our lady knew it was never wise to show all of ones hand. As she kept a knife up her sleeve, so too, did she keep some skill sets hidden. She interacted, almost daily, with healers of all kinds. She encountered healers that used energy alone to heal. These included the arts known as Reiki and Tai Chi. There were healers that used faith, and others that used diet.

It began to seem to her, that every person she interacted with, was either a motivator to learn more, or a master in their field. Her son, for example, not only motivated her from the built in protection she felt compelled to grant him; but also inspired her daily with his own advanced perspectives and approach. He would use art in a way she had long ago forgotten. He drew the entire realms of electricity most ignored, if they even knew were there. There was such imagination in him, that they both could spend hours engaged in "game worlds". He was one of her favorite teachers, and was defined appropriately as "everlasting spirit", and "brave heart". Braveheart and Lady Nike shared an affinity for learning elemental magic, aka earth studies. They underwent many trials, but always adapted and rose above. That's the flow of our story here, after all, love.



What truly ran all of the wisdom gathered, however, was a simple knowledge. The fact that there had once been a time, where speech was not free. Now the fellow people of the land fell prey to conformity, and would take that freedom out of context. Generally, the populace took that freedom to mean they could be as offensive as they desired. Opinions ran a muck, and compassion had gears jamming. The power of the spoken word, if directed with focus, could create life; it could heal. Lady Nike, she knew it was near impossible to pass on the guild's extensive masteries without freedom of speech. She was taught gratitude for the right to use speech as a loving expression. She loved the people of her land, truly, and seeing all this, she felt she hadn't completed her mission. As her mother, mother's mother, and so on had done, she was going to make a positive impact for the next generation.

Land Of The Free


So, reader, here's where you come in. Take from this backstory a renewed outlook towards your own speech and the power it holds.This was not shared to entertain, but it would be an added bonus. When using the freedom of speech act, it is best to educate and share, with as many as possible, what the true power of the spoken word is: positive change.

Healing Power Of Art


...speech was magic. It was healing, and it was an ancient power.

We uphold the right to everyone's freedom of speech and are currently asking for assistance in our mission.

The mission is:

*to educate


*to share (with as many as possible) what the true power of the spoken word is.

The Non-Ficticious Lady Nike


Do you believe words can heal?

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    • Nicole Welton profile imageAUTHOR


      22 months ago

      Thanks greenmind what an incredibly kind compliment! Frances Metcalfe I assure you, the only fictional possibility would be the reference to a free land (that is exactly what we call America) and the referenced knife placement in wardrobe (which varies). I will gladly prove otherwise if you have questions.

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      22 months ago from USA

      I like the way you just let everything flow. It has a marvelous vibe and comes from a pure and rejuvenating place.

    • Frances Metcalfe profile image

      Frances Metcalfe 

      22 months ago from The Limousin, France

      I felt this was a fictional mythical story, not an article about freedom of speech. I'd like to see more paragraphs as it was a bit dense to read. Hope this helps.


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