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Ignored Small Voice from the Third World: Philippines

Updated on July 18, 2013


Can you buy happiness and warmth with your dollars?

Oh yea, maybe you do,

For a huge price of isolation and loneliness

And a whole cold life of sacrifice;

You got stuff; cars, mansions, castles, gadgets to fill your life with pleasures;

We got them too though maybe not as much as you have because we believe that higher

income and stuff that we don’t really need mean very little in comparison to our inherent

abundance of laughter, love, togetherness, high respect to superiors, belongingness,

faithfulness, camaraderie, with families and loyal friends that truly warm our hearts every day

for the rest of our lives;

We have a government that never intervenes with our financial affairs;

If we earn good enough we share it with our love ones and friends until they become financially independent too;

Never are we burdened with too high taxes because our government knows that we share our income first to our own families;

We get rich if we want to with the help of our love ones and friends;

We respect and trust our government;

We don’t fill our days whining about the faults of our politicians because we are busy creating our personal lives and getting productive hence helping develop our economy;

Our seeming poverty pushes us to be creative, productive and achieve our goals;

Our government doesn’t make us useless and liabilities of our country;

We got so much freedom to improve our lives because our government doesn’t make us leeches and dependent to it in general;

We are an industrious and self-reliant people collectively and we take pride on this;

Our country is beautiful and is abundant in natural resources;

Our country is favored by the Universe with sunshine and rain that blend perfectly to keep the mountains and plains verdant the whole year round;

We are happy and contented in our own country;

If Filipinos go abroad, the main reason is to earn and to send home their income to help their families and love ones, their people as a whole and the government lift up the economy;

Subjectively, aren’t we as a people and a country number three in the top ten among the 148 countries under the international survey of the happiest people in the world?

This ignored small voice from the third world, the Philippines particularly, my own country, got the loudest and most important lessons to teach the blind, the prejudice, the deaf, the lame and weakling whining giants, the arrogant empty-headed-self-opinionated and street-smart, the ethnocentric, and snobbish populace in the globe; with pride and authority we teach about the true meaning of life…because we don’t just talk about it.

We teach and inculcate happiness because we live it!

I am a proud Filipino in my own country. I don’t care what the fallacious thinker ethnocentric think.


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