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Free IELTS material

Updated on June 22, 2009

Kaplan IELTS 2009-2010 edition



Are you preparing for IELTS exams? Do you want to know more how to prepare and what are the online resources that can help you? Here are some tips which and online links i can provide which can help you. I will provide only a basic outline here and the links below can give you a more information.

IELTS exam comes in two modules (general and academic). General module is generally used for the immigration purpose and the academic module is used for both immigration and getting admission to various universities and colleges.

I provide a few resources and links where you can download free material to practice. Yes it is free and does not cost you even one cent. In some website they give you only one practice test and then they ask you for money but the links i am going to provide does not cost you any single cent.

Some of the best website i have published in the links section and rest of the website which you can get to have more information are:

IELTS Book Review

 Book Review: Kaplan IELTS 2009-2010 Edition

Out of the so many book on IELTS , i personally recommend this Kaplan publication 2009-2010 edition, as everything in this book is latest and has been explained very well.

The writing part in this book is explained very well and tells how to write a good essay and letter.


Personal Comments:-

IELTS is just like any other exam you take in life. it has some loop holes as well. i am just telling this because i know some people who do not have good english but score good in this exam on the other hand some have very good english but do not score much.

I would like to say that practice is a must even if you have very good english, just check what the examiner wants and you can score very good.

From time to time i will add some tips for preparing this exam.

Till then all the best .


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    • Janiferlopz profile image

      Julia Robert 4 years ago from California

      I would also suggest this site for IELTS Preparation.

    • profile image

      maria 5 years ago

      interesting hub about ielts while i am looking for your hub about TOEFL.

    • profile image

      sarajohn 5 years ago

      IELTS ESSAY FOR BAND 8 is necessary for IELTS test.

    • profile image

      Nabeela 7 years ago


      very useful information. Infact a great job being done by you.keep on adding every year's best resource for the test takers.Thanx

    • profile image

      Debasis 7 years ago

      {IELTS 150 Essays(Writing) from Past Papers with answers[anirudhshumi] open with acrobat reader 7,8,9}

      this link is dead plz Upfate them.

    • profile image

      jppayal 8 years ago

      @rahul, sorry i could not find the link but i will post as soon as i will find.

    • profile image

      rahul 8 years ago

      can u send link of kaplan ielts ebook with audio

    • profile image

      Better research work 8 years ago

      I read yuor article and this is good. Thanks for a lot of research work on the net.

    • profile image

      khmohsin 8 years ago

      nice piece of information, thanks