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IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors: Pronunciation

Updated on June 14, 2013


IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below is some information about what the band descriptors requires a student to do and some advice for students.

Pronunciation means to most people being able to say a word correctly but there are some things students must know about this criteria.

Students may pronounce words incorrectly for many reasons including:

Silent letters – words such as autumn and sword have silent letters which students need to know in order for them to pronounce them correctly

Words with 2 meanings – words such as content and minute both have 2 meanings and there is a different pronunciation depending on which meaning of the word you are using. Students often get confused and hence get their score reduced

Words which originate from another country – words such as karaoke do not follow the normal rules of pronunciation because they originated from another country.

Accent – for many people accent also hinders their pronunciation because they would be pronouncing English in a weird way. This is not something one can fix in a short period of time - practice is essential.

To get a band score of 6 students need to make sure their answers could be understood by the listener (examiner), some words may be pronounced incorrectly so sometimes the examiner may have to pause for a while to react. Candidates may benefit when taking the exam in their own country because the examiners are used to the way people speak when they have been examining in a country for a while.

If examiners are working in places where there are candidates are from a lot of different countries such as Australia or America candidates may get a lower score for pronunciation.

Intonation and stress is quite important here. If a candidate's voice sounds like a robot or is very flat and soft, it can be very difficult for a native English speaker to understand, since it sounds boring and the examiner dies from boredom.

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