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Updated on April 15, 2011

Mystery of succes

The mystery of success lies in industry and not in fate. Allah helps those who help themselves. So nothing good can be achieved without labor. Progressive people do not believe in fate. But if there is fate, it is changeable. One can promote one’s fate by making one’s best endeavor. No effort goes without reward and success is a must for the industrious people.

We all long for success in life. But the world is war-like place where success is not an easily achieved matter. But industry is such a thing which ensures success in human life.

We, the humans, always hanker after success. For this we put our effort at our best level. But success is so elusive that it doesn’t come to human life easily. So it is sometimes said that not industry but fate controls success in life. Some people may strongly believe this notion but another ones may differ from them. It is a matter of fact that fate has a great role in human life. Man’s fate is governed by the. Almightily creator Allah. There is no way to ignore the role of fate in human life.

Industry is known to be the mother of success or good luck. If one is industrious he must succeed in life today or tomorrow. There is a rare example that an industrious man remains unsuccessful. It is also known that Allah is with that man who is trying to change his lot. But an idle man is not supported by Allah or even by man. When an idle man fails to succeed in life, he condemns his fate. Finding no other way an idle man likes to cast a slur upon his fate. He thinks he is made hapless by nature. And he never accuses his impotency or his passive role in life.

In our personal life we find them successful who are perseverance. The industrious persons are never fed-up with the complexities or negative sides of life. They don’t like to blame their lots. Actually they know how to achieve success in life. A student who is industrious does pretty well in his examination, a farmer who is industrious get a good harvest from his fields, a businessman who is industrious can do much profit and so are the examples.

The idle men who are not active to change their lots may be found to blame their lots for their failures in life. They also know that they should be industrious but they are defeated to their bad habit-idleness. Then they like their fate to change their lots. But fate doesn’t help an idle man rather it brings problems to them. On the other hand, an industrious man gets support from his fate.


Last Discussion

Fate may have a role in our life. But that role is not the ultimate one. So all of us should be industrious to change our lot. Because industry would bring success in our life but fate has not been given so much power to cause success in human life who are idle. Idle people may curse fate but it is their idleness that should be cursed. The man, who does not miss a single moment, is sure to succeed because success rushes only to the industrious one.


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    • Dollartanvir profile image

      Dollartanvir 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      yes its true.