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Updated on April 15, 2011

Containment of life differ from man to man. Someone may feel better if he is blessed with vast riches rather than talents. But someone may think himself luckier of he is not rich but talented. But I m in favor of the talented individuals.

Many of us get an intention of becoming richer. They would like to make money at any cost. They wouldn’t think even to undertake an illegal attempt to get money. A good number of people are born rich and they are boastful of their riches. Sometimes they may think they are the most of their wills. Sometimes they may ignore the individuals of invaluable talents or vast knowledge.

A talented man is an asset to a society, to a country and to the whole mankind. He sacrifices his talents for the betterment of humans. The world gets a lot from his talented attempts and incomparable exertions. He renders a great service which he provides is not possible to buy with riches.

A man who is born rich can use the money for the betterment of the world to make it a peaceful place. But if man is only rich but not talented hi is supposed not to use his money or riches for the sake of the betterment of people. He might be selfish and self-centered.

So a talented man is of great importance to the world. With his talents he can do much to the world, he can acquire a lot for himself, his society and his country. On the other hand if a rich man is only a possessor of vast riches, he is no way important to anyone without his followers. So a talented man is worthy of being worshiped but not a rich man.       


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    • profile image

      Krishna 4 weeks ago


    • profile image

      Aaron Samuel 2 years ago

      It's an awesome essay

    • profile image

      Abhinav nigam 2 years ago




    • profile image

      sid 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Swati 2 years ago

      Im talented one day i become rich with my capibility

    • profile image

      apoorv 2 years ago

      Thanks a lot it help in my speech

    • profile image

      Surabhi Panicker 3 years ago

      Awesome and very meaningful words are used

      A good one

    • profile image

      zoya zakaria 3 years ago

      Thanks a lot...u really saved me from failing...thanks for the awesome essay

    • profile image

      smitha belieber 4 years ago

      thanks a lot it is a wonderful essay.u saved me. thaaaaannkkkks a loooot.

    • profile image

      SANGRAMJEET SHOW 4 years ago

      “It is better to be born rich than talented.”

       Regarding the motion stated above, I firmly believe that it is better to be born rich than to be born talented. But before revealing my arguments, it is better to define the keywords of the motion. ‘Rich’ can be defined as owning a lot of money, property or valuable possessions while the talent is used for emphasizing that a quality exists or is true to a great degree. In addition, ‘talented’ means good at thinking clearly, quickly and smartly, in understanding difficult ideas and subjects, and at gaining and using knowledge. We have understood the motion, so without any further ado, I shall bring out my points.

       First and foremost, being rich is objective whereas being talented is abstract. If a person is wealthy, he can use his money to buy talents. You might ask how? That’s a silly question. It is by using money to buy education, by enrolling into a prestigious school, by employing professional lecturers, I doubt one will not be as talented as those who are born talented if one is treated with such a good care. Here, I would like to emphasize that a person's capability is not destined or limited.

       Being rich will make my life much easier. I can fulfil my desire. I can put on clothes and shoes that I like. With lots of money, I can choose where to shop. In fact, I can choose what to eat and where to eat. Holidaying will be more frequent as I can afford to visit local and overseas destinations.

       Moreover, I can help the poor and the less fortunate. My dad has always taught me to donate to the underprivileged people because sharing what we have with others is a benevolent act. Perhaps, I can be an entrepreneur who owns many textiles factories. I will provide jobs to thousands of people all over the world. The talented people will not be excluded. They will give great ideas on how to expand my business. Having a truckload of money, there’s no risk we would be 93 years old and ask our kids for cash.

       If you are born rich, you can live a comfortable and secure life. Money is the base of life, without it you can't survive. You see, the rich one could afford a home, food, security and basic human needs. He could also use that money to (by talents, so once he has his bases in life, he could) drive for more talent, while knowing that he has the money to fall back on.

       You have the brains to live a good life, but money is the fuel, and you can't expect to move far with a little fuel. Also, having a lot of ability is not necessarily going to make your life happier. It isn’t bad, to be talented though, but being the modern Einstein without the money is like being a soldier that is completely naked and without cover. Being born with lots of money is a great start in life.

       Moreover, this is the so-called ‘Kaliyuga’ which is filled with corruption and bribery. As soon as you open your door, you see corruption. And bribery is something too interesting to be noted. So, a man with monetary support can win the corrupt and greedy world of today within the flicker of a second.We should not forget that great people say,” Wealth is the most-valued gift on earth but the least gift that God has bestowed upon mankind.” Above all, to cut a long story short, in such a short span of time is quite impossible but I have tried my level best.

    • profile image

      tanish 4 years ago

      excellent essay loved it

    • profile image

      SANGRAMJEET SHOW 4 years ago


    • profile image

      rizwana 4 years ago

      yes i agree with this.

      i am talented then i will become rich one day

    • profile image

      Sakshi Mehta 5 years ago

      What an essay!! fabulous!!!

      i am talented and will be rich one day...

    • profile image

      nida 5 years ago

      yes,i agree with this.

      i am talented than i will become rich one day

    • profile image 6 years ago

      it's amazing

    • Dollartanvir profile image

      Dollartanvir 7 years ago from Bangladesh

      If i am talented, i will be a rich man one day.


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