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I love you History Channel, but keep it real!

Updated on January 26, 2013

Like many of you, I love the History Channel. There are so many really cool shows to watch these days, like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Modern Marvels, Swamp People, Ice Road Truckers, Top Shot and Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. I’m probably missing a few other good ones, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I have no interest in watching anything, especially primetime, on the big 3 networks like CBS, NBC, or ABC. Maybe I’m just rebellious in nature, but I really can’t stand anything on those channels, except sports. Some of that could be because everyone else watches the shows they air (and I like to go against the grain), but mostly it’s because none of those shows seem to leave you with anything worth while at all. At least with the History channel, the shows that have become really popular, lately, yield an opportunity to learn something new, whether big or small.

Thank you History Channel for making learning fun! Combining reality type television format with very likeable characters and a wide variety of topics, I’ve been able to learn more in an afternoon than an entire social studies or history class in high school. Now, hopefully, no one is taking that statement the wrong way. I do believe that those classes are important and should be attended as required. But, with the money spent on some of these shows, very cool visual reenactments and simulations are created by computer programmers to leave the viewer with great learning aids. I love it when shows like Modern Marvels use these computer-generated graphics to show how stuff generally works. It’s much easier to learn that way than to just listen to a teacher, or read a textbook. I think schools should actually incorporate this technology more in their courses.

I think of shows like Pawn Stars. How can you not love Rick, Corey, the Old (cranky) Man, and of course, Chumlee? Those guys bring a down-to-earth dynamic to television all the while participating in a learning opportunity for every piece someone brings in to pawn or sell. Some of the most amazing historic artifacts of history come through their store and make me, personally, want to keep my eyes open for stuff I run across that could be worth money.

Mike and Frank from American Pickers are great, too - two quarky, but very cool dudes finding hidden treasures in people’s barns, junk piles and old sheds. I’m amazed at the stuff they find that’s worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. I need to start saving some stuff here and there that could be worth a lot to my kids and grandkids someday!

But…’s my problem, History Channel. You have gone completely off your rocker with a few shows you endorse. Take Ancient Aliens, for instance. The show is somewhat interesting, but at times ridiculous. I have always been fascinated with space and do have an open mind when it comes to alien life forms in our universe, but the show seems to aim at re-writing our history books. Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine that ancient civilizations could build such monstrous structures like pyramids and the like, but I really have a problem with the big push by this program to convince us that aliens helped developed them.

The show has touched on all aspects of life including technology, religion, science and mythology. And, many of the theories they are coming up with border on entertainment instead of history. When they begin interpreting ancient texts and claiming that people witnessed space ship battles in the sky and that Noah (from the Bible) was the result of aliens inseminating his parents, it’s just too much. They have mentioned that Noah’s Ark was actually a futuristic DNA bank, not like it’s depicted in the Bible, nuclear bombs destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, the Ark of the Covenant buried in an island infused with advanced hydraulic system off the coast of …..Canada?? seriously…..Canada?? Come on History Channel, get real!

My biggest area of concern with these types of shows and thinking is that there’s a chance that people will actually take this seriously and begin to use this so-called science and logic to link all religions together. Most likely, the evidence and art these scientists are using to explain their theories are really their misinterpretation of the spiritual realm of devils and angels. They have actually used aliens to explain away everything we don’t understand fully about our ancient past. They are treading dangerously on convincing people that all religions are basically interpreting their belief in God incorrectly. That’s simply not the case. These new theories, if they become part of modern thinking, will eliminate the need for God and only rely on “logical” scientific explanations of extraterrestrials having ultimate control and authority over our planet. They are completely missing the point of religion (specifically Christianity) and the biggest issue of faith that promises eternal life with the Creator. Plus, they are perverting the discoveries we’ve already uncovered that prove Jesus existed, died, was raised from the dead and other Biblical historic truths!

To me, it doesn’t matter if aliens exist or not, but please, History Channel, don’t try and re-write the history books and dumb down religious texts simply because a few “science” quacks have taken aliens and plugged them into every thread of human life! Please get real!!


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    • Steve Schroeder profile image

      Steve Schroeder 6 years ago

      I am always open to new theories and ideas about our past and about science. My only caveat is that when approaching these new ideas that it's kept with God in mind. I've always been one to approach science that way...asking questions like, "I wonder how God did that?" It makes it so much more exciting than to simply say aliens did it. Thanks for reading!

    • Zabbella profile image

      Zabbella 6 years ago from NJ-USA

      I enjoy History channel. I try to keep in mind that God does exist so all the technical stuff they talk about won't upset me. If there is life in other planets then I will easily accept that God also made them. Why are we so ready to dismiss that possibility?

      Years ago, I asked someone about Adam & Eve and The Cavemen how did all that work out? The answer...Adam and Eve WERE cave dwellers. I liked that answer.