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How to Write a Book Report {tips for kids}

Updated on April 11, 2013
Use an ice cream visual to help students remember how to put together a good book report.
Use an ice cream visual to help students remember how to put together a good book report. | Source

Just like a good ice cream sundae contains all the essential elements— different flavors of ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry— a good book report contains essential elements, all put in the correct order. Help students remember the important parts of a book report, along with the correct order by using the visual aid of an ice cream cone.

Use an Ice Cream Cone Shape

Help your students learn how to write a good book report by teaching them the essential elements of the report, and use the shape of an ice cream cone to help them not forget any of the important information. For a good book report — and a great ice cream cone — you’ll need paper visuals shaped like:

· an ice cream cone

· three scoops of ice cream (difference colors)

· whipped cream

· large cherry

Teach students to build a proper foundation of their story by giving information on the title and author of the book. Write down this information on the paper visual of an ice cream cone.

Write down the names of the major characters in a book on the bottom scoop of the ice cream cone.

Write down the settings in the book on the second to bottom scoop of ice cream.

Write down the main idea or theme of the story on the top scoop of ice cream. Was a particular phrase repeated in the story, was there a moral lesson?

Write down why this is the best book you’ve read on the whipped cream visual. Maybe you liked the location or character’s reactions. Tell others reading your report why they should want to read the book too.

Write down a list of vocabulary words on the cherry. Did you not know the meaning of some words? Did you learn a fun word to say?

Celebrate learning how to build book reports with actual ice cream in the class.

Look for clip art ice cream cones HERE.

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