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Ideas To Manage Your Activities Within The Time Available

Updated on May 12, 2011

Some people always attribute time constraint as the reason for their lapses. In reality, there is nothing called time management. The less palatable truth for these people is that they are not able to manage their activities within the time available. So, time management should rightly be re-christened as "Activity Management". Activity management is not an intractable problem and can easily be accomplished if you are innovative and creative and if you follow your ideas meticulously. Here are a few tips.

- When you want to manage your activities efficiently, the best way forward is you should prioritize things. While according priorities, you should first do those tasks that are both urgent and important. Next come the tasks that are urgent but not-so-important. Thirdly, you should do not-so-urgent but important tasks and not-so-urgent and not-so-important ones get the last priority.

- The second step is to do an honest analysis and find out how and where you waste your time. You may be involved in a number of activities every day. You should find out if you are wasting more time on a particular thing which may not be worth it. If you do such an analysis, you are sure to come out with a list of activities on which you waste your time. You should either stop doing them or spend less time on them or try to delegate them to some one else. By doing so, you can save quite a lot of time.

- If you delve deep into your tasks, you can find out ways to do them more easily. For example, if you are an executive and wish to dictate your letters to your secretary, you need not wait for the presence of your secretary. You can dictate them on the Dictaphone so that your secretary can make the letters ready when he or she finds time.

- A few people spend a lot of time watching television, browsing the Net or reading newspapers. These activities are time-killers. Especially, when you do not have time to attend to your work, wasting time on these activities is a crime. So, you should either reduce the time spent on them or stop indulging in such wasteful activities.

By adopting these steps, you can finish your tasks on time so that you will not have worries of unfinished tasks. You can also spend more time with your family members.


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