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Ielts Speaking Model: A Machine or Electronic Device - Part 2

Updated on June 14, 2013


Ielts Speaking Model: A Machine or Electronic Device - Part 2

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below is a sample question and model answer for the topic ‘A Machine or Electronic Device’

Describe a machine or electronic device you would like to buy

You should say

What special features it would have

How you know about it

How much it would cost

How you would use this thing

And explain why you would like to have it

Like most people my age I would really like to have a better mobile phone, to be more specific an iPhone 5. Most of my friends have one and it’s making me super jealous. They often make fun of me because my parents only bought me a Nokia. I guess phones made by Nokia are quite durable and takes a lot of hard work to break but they lack several functions that I desire.

I guess the main reason I would like to buy the iPhone 5 is cuz of the touch screen – most phones these days have one but none can compare with the one made by Apple. Also the sound quality of the iPhone earphones is top notch – I listen to music a lot when I commute to and from school so sound quality is quite important.

I know it’s a little bit expensive, maybe about 4800RMB which is about 2 months pay for the average Chinese person but the functions of the phone really outweighs the cost.

The iPhone 5 is truely a phone that is worth its price and I hope I could get one soon. I may even choose to get a part-time to save up enough money to buy one.


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