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Ielts Speaking Model: A Rule In School - Part 2

Updated on June 14, 2013


Ielts Speaking Model: A School Rule - Part 2

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below is a sample question and model answer for the topic ‘A School Rule’

Describe a rule in school you agree or disagree with

What the rule is

Why it is needed

How the rule is enforced

and explain why you agree of disagree with this rule

Well as you may know there are many school rules in Chinese schools such as, you can’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend or you must wear an ugly uniform but I would like to talk about the rule “students cannot bring a mobile phone to school”.

This rule started about 5 years ago because too many students were taking their phones to school. The school is also quite strict as well; if you’re caught with a cell phone the teacher will just take your phone and never give it back. I’m sure my teacher has made a lot of money selling phones in the black market.

I know that mobile phones have many drawbacks such as they can be addictive, hence affect our studies or students might use them to cheat in a test but I also think they have many benefits.

Not many people in my schools like this rule because mobile phones are just very convenient. I study in a boarding school and sometimes my parents need to reach me but it’s a hassle because they have to call the school and then get my teacher to call me to the phone. Also phones have Chinese/English dictionaries they may be very useful for our studies.

Although I believe they do have some valid reasons for having this rule I think it should be removed.


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