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Ielts Speaking Model: A Time You Helped Others - Part 2

Updated on June 14, 2013


Ielts Speaking Model: A Time You Helped Others - Part 2

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below is a sample question and model answer for the topic ‘A Time You Helped Others'

Describe a time when you helped someone.
You should say:
who you helped
how you helped them
why you helped them
and explain how this person benefited from your help.

Nowadays it is quite common for people to help each other since society has become more dependant on each other - especially for those around us who have suffered from great tragedy or a natural disaster. Naturally I am also quite willing to give a helping hand to those who need it.

I once helped a girl who survived the 2008 Sichuan earthquake - it was a devastating disaster. Her name was Liping and lost her parents during that tragic devastating event. She was also hurt quite bad during earthquake and needed money for an important operation, her leg was crush by a falling object and without an operation she would have lost it. I saw this on the news and sent her all my pocket that I had accumulated for several years because I felt quite sorry for her and wanted to do what I could for the survivors of that earthquake. I knew i couldn't save everyone but this one person is enough.

Luckily for her, the operation was successful. A few weeks after her operation she sent me a handwritten letter, thanking me for my donation and even attached a photo of herself – I was quite pleased with myself.

This is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life and I am still proud of doing it. This experience has inspired me to study hard and get a good job in the future so that I could help even more people. That is why I'm going abroad - to not only get a good education but also to learn how the charities work there.


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