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Ielts Speaking Model: Music - Part 1

Updated on June 14, 2013



IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below are some sample questions and model answers for the topic ‘Music

Do you often listen to music?
Well I guess it depends on the situation. When I'm studying I usually play some music cuz it helps me to think and focus. However when I'm on my holidays I would probably do something else, you know like go out with my mates or watch a movie.

How much time do you spend listening to music every day?
Well during the weekdays I have to commute to school by bus and it takes around an hour to and from school so I usually listen to music during that time. Whereas if it's the weekends I wouldn't normally listen to music cuz I may play computer games or go out with my parents instead.

Have you ever been to a musical performance?
Absolutely! You know I'm a student and there is a Chinese band called May Day. I have been to several of there concerts - at least 8. I'm quite crazy about their songs and the lively environment there.

What musical instrument is most popular in China?
I'm not too sure about this but I would probably guess that it's the piano. Most of my classmates have had piano classes and only a few know how to play other forms of instruments.

Which instrument would you prefer to study – the piano or the violin?
If I had the chance I would definitely choose to learn how to play the piano. I'm quite fond of piano music and being a pianist is actually something I would like my child to achieve - of course I'm not expecting my child to be Beethoven.

Do you think it's important to learn to play a Music musical instrument?
Definitely! Music is a kind of art that is admired by millions. People who learn how to play a musical instrument also learn to have patience and better coordination which are 2 really useful things people should have.

Do you think schools should teach children how to play a musical instrument?
I'm afraid I don't. Learning how to play a musical instrument is not something you can teach to a big class. A school normally couldn't afford to pay for 1 to 1 classes so therefore I don't think it's reasonable to ask schools to teach students to play a musical instrument. If students would like to learn a musical instrument they should do it outside of school.

Is music an important subject at school in China?
I wish! But sadly schools tend to favor only the subjects that are tested in the college entrance exam. Most schools do offer music classes to their students but there is only one class a fortnight and there's no test so it’s quite meaningless.

How does music affect people?
Well I guess music affects people's mood. When a person is feeling sad listening to songs about break ups or tragedies might make a person cry. While listening to rock or hip hop might make a person excited cuz the songs are really upbeat.

Compare the music that young people like and the music that old people like.
In my opinion there are quite a few differences. Young people tend to favor fast and loud music such as trance or hip hop music where as older people are more fond on slower and softer music like jazz or classical music. Also youngsters prefer modern music like rap while the elderly are more fond of classics such as the beetles.

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