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Creative Imagination - A Key to Success.

Updated on March 19, 2013

The Key to Success - Start with Imagination

The writer in his middle fifties.  Tom is now seventy-four (2010)
The writer in his middle fifties. Tom is now seventy-four (2010)

A vivid imagination can be very self-defeating if not tempered by our will

Mental imagery, picturing, visualising, these are the most powerful things in our life. But having a vivid imagination, by itself, can be very self-defeating. If we are to rise to that ‘limitless comprehension’ which is our birthright, we have to be able to control our mental imagery.

If I were to lay a broad, hardwood 50cm wide bricklayer’s plank upon the floor here and ask each of you to walk along its eight-metre length, there probably isn’t one person in this room who couldn’t do it.

But what if I were to get that same plank, and place it between two buildings 10 metres up- how many of you would walk across it then?

Some would. Most of us would not.


In a contest between our imagination and our will, imagination inevitably wins

We know the answer: -Our imaginations. Fear would arise instantly; cold sweat; a prickly feeling at the nape of the neck. In our mind’s ‘picture’ comes the spectre of falling, of being badly injured, crippled, even killed!

And yet it is the same solid plank which we would willingly, laughingly walk along whilst it was on the ground.  When our willpower and our imaginations are in direct conflict- imagination always wins.

Mind must be servant, not master

With right use of our imaginations we can rise to our fullest potential. But that ‘right use’ is very much dependent upon how disciplined our imagination is. It has to be a servant, not a master. With imagination under our strict control we have access to limitless comprehension. We can become anything we want to become. Without that control we are doomed to imagination’s fickleness, its temperaments.

Learn how to bring your thoughts and imaginations under control

So do the best thing you can for yourself. Learn about yourself. Learn how to bring your thoughts and imaginings under control. It is a long job. It is and endless job. But the rewards for taking it up are as infinite as you are. For we are not our physical bodies. Neither are we our emotions. Nor our thoughts or imaginings. We are more than our learning, no matter how profound. And once we have our minds and imaginations working for us we will find that even the sky is not the limit.

So work on it. it is the key to success. Check that vivid imagination, keep in under control. But remember, it is a powerful tool. Imagination and will; mental imagery, picturing, visualising – if used right, these can bring you your most heart-felt and cherished desire.

I hope you enjoyed Creative Imagination - A Key to Success. Keep smiling



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  • Tony L Smith profile image

    Tony L Smith 5 years ago from Macon

    love it Tom, imagination is powerful. In a contest between our imagination and our will, imagination inevitably wins. I reckon to walk that board, you would have to imagine yourself walking all the way to the other side.

    to victory, Tony