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Imagine a Summer Camp

Updated on December 1, 2015

Our educational system's shortcomings

Imagine a Summer camp

Imagine a summer camp for your teenager. This camp is very popular and very prestigious.

So prestigious that people have come to accept that it is an essential ingredient for later success in life. This summer camp costs a lot of money so many people go into debt in order to pay the tuition for this camp.

But not everyone goes into debt.In fact some pay no tuition at all. Those especially gifted athletes pay no tuition at all. Once the teenage campers arrive at this summer camp they are settled into their lodgings. These lodgings have no restrictions on male and female visitation.

There's no curfew so guys and girls can visit each other at any time of the day or night.Their camp counselors have the same freedom. In the course of the camp if any camper or camp counselor is accused of any sexual misconduct, the camp administrators deal with it themselves not notifying the parents or the authorities since the administrators know best on how to deal with these kinds of situations. Campers not only engage in physical and athletic activities but also have to sit through lectures given by the founders of the camp. The campers are consistently taught that everything their parents taught them was wrong.If any child obejcts to these ideas taught by the founders then he or she is severely punished with expulsion quite possible.

When the summer is over if any parents cannot pay off their debt then the children will pay off the debt spread out over the rest of their lives. With that kind of debt the kid will never forget his or her time spent at camp.

What does this summer camp remind you of? Yes, you guessed it,COLLEGE! When you dress up college as a metaphor we realize how awful an institution it is. We need to rethink not only how we educate people in our society but how we bring them into adulthood with college being a horrible, counterproductive way to start adulthood.


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