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Importance of Training and Development

Updated on December 6, 2019
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Mike Uzochukwu writes on many topics, including metallurgy, business, insurance, and the challenges faced by today's youth.

The importance of training and development. Topic related to management study.
The importance of training and development. Topic related to management study. | Source


What is training? Training can be defined as adapting or moulding of an individual to increase his fitness for a specific activity. Development when related to management is the process of advancing in any particular field which workers specialize. I will like to tell you that these two great qualities are needed in every work environment. Do you think organizations can function effectively without training and development? You need to have these two properties to perform excellently in organizations. A person must be trained first before any development can take place.

In most African universities, students graduate without good training on skills that will assist them in life. This is one of the causes of high unemployment rate among those people from that continent. In Nigeria for instance, more than 200, 000 graduates are given out each year. The question is: how many of these graduates have good training on skills to help them in life? According 2010 report by World Bank, about 46% of Nigerians are unemployed, and this can be traced to low training on skill acquisition in the country. In 2012, the world unemployment statistics is about 6 per cent and those who are trained skilfully cannot be included in the list.

Importance of Training

Think of how it will be when someone who is heading towards a company with the hope to be employed has no training on his or her area of specialization. I see his or her going to the company as a waste of time because there is nothing good the person in question can offer to the company. I took my time and got training on few areas especially computer related because I know what training can do in the life of a person. I do not receive these trainings free of charge, instead I pay before I become trained. You as a reader of this book need training at all cost. Companies look forward to employ employees who are well trained in order to maximize their profits. They will not like to put in their money in an employee that will contribute nothing to the betterment of their company or establishment. Training is given not only to employees, but also to managers because it is useful to every person. The importance of training makes many companies send their worker to training grounds, either out of the country or within the country, depending on the availability of the training materials. I see training as the most important thing that organizations need for progress to take place. The importance of training is explained below:

1. Training makes workers to be efficient to the company they work for as more productivity is achieved when one is trained. When you are trained, the company you work for pays you and they make maximum gain in return because there is great efficiency from you. I cannot accept any worker that lacks training into my company because he has little or nothing to offer to the company. Will you accept any that lacks training if you are to own a company? I know your answer will be capital no because you gain nothing in return from such worker.

2. Training improves morale in so many ways. A trained individual has confidence in him whenever he is called for one function or the other because that is what he is knowledgeable in, unlike those with less training who shy away from their duties. I will be very proud and eager to perform a work in any company when I was trained in that field. But if I was not trained in such field, rarely will my moral rise to perform the function. You need to be trained to have high morale when you are called for any function.

3. A well trained individual on many skills can easily adapt in many work places. The one that is trained can get job in many places because of the skills he acquired and he can start a business of his own if his company fails. When I get training on welding, pipelines, electrician, mechanical and

computer repair, I can fit in into many work areas. I have chances of being employed in many departments of an organization because of the skills I acquire.

4. Training increases reputation of organizations. Organizations with well trained workers offer quality services to people and this make them have unique characteristics, thereby making people respect them. The reputations of the organizations are respected and people talk good of them. You can offer quality services to the organization you work for when you obtained good training and this helps in protecting the reputation of the organization.

5. It assists in recruitment of new applicants in any organization. A worker who was trained before he gained job on that particular field he was trained can easily learn more when the company sends him for additional recruitment. This will make him have more experience than others who were not trained before they were employed in any organization. I will like to advise you to be conscious of the workers you will employ in your office because they determine the prosperity or failure of your company. When you spend a lot of money in recruiting applicants, how much will you use in running your organization? In fact, training assists recruiters to spend less energy and time on workers.

Development helps people to succeed in life and in all they do. A trained person on many areas have higher job Opportunities than others.
Development helps people to succeed in life and in all they do. A trained person on many areas have higher job Opportunities than others. | Source

Importance of Development

What are the importance of development?

Development program are organized by many companies because the companies know the importance. When a worker is developed, he has many credits attributed to himself. Development makes managers to gain more knowledge and acquire more experience on how to run bigger organizations. You cannot go far in any company without being developed in your area of specialization. You need to take time and develop yourself even on areas that are not related to your field. I make out time and meet people who will develop me because it is necessary. I also attend development program far and near to my location because I need to develop and expand. Let me ask a question: who does not like development? I asked the question because it is very essential in life. Development is what everything need, even a baby born today likes to develop, become a man and make changes in his society. Developed persons can enter many places and use their initiative to handle difficult situations which many persons cannot achieve easily. The footballers that are famous today did not built themselves in a day. It took them time to work on themselves through series of training until they become developed and experts in their field. Development in managerial function will not be an exception in any way. The importance of development is as follows:

1. Development prepares workers for greater functions in the society. Developed managers and workers can handle many posts issued to them in any environment because they have managed other offices. I as person can handle so many positions when developed by having worked in offices for several years. You as a person can perform exceptionally well after being developed in many work areas.

2. Development leads to experience in many work areas. If you are developed, you become experience. I look forward to become developed in few years to come. Do you have the same dream if you are not developed yet? There is a popular statement that says that experience is the best teacher. With experience, workers are able to pilot many affairs of companies.

3. Developed workers assist in solving organizational problems. Developed workers are problem solvers in many companies and this is one of the reasons why many companies do not sack their developed workers. You will not sack any worker in your organization that is developed because you will not like to see it fold. The greatest mistake I will make in my organization is sacking workers who are developed. Companies do not sack their developed workers because the former know that they will lose if they do


4. Development trains managers on human relation approach. Human relation relates to the patterns of relationship and interactions among workers, managers and their subordinates. When I work in companies for several years, I must have been trained on good manner of approach. Development helps you on human-to-human relationship. Good relationship between managers and their co-workers enhances the progress of companies.


It is important to know that the topic discussed apply most in the study of management. wll not be able to write on this website if I did not have training and development on writing skill. Training is the process of making a person to be physically fit by teaching him on how to acquire skill. You and I need training to succeed in life. Development is progressive increase in knowledge and experience after passing through education and training. The definition is based on this topic. These are two important tools needed to boost the growth of every organization, and are to be accepted by every management.I

Personal Advice

I will like to give personal advice at this point. If you are a mother or father, encourage your children to go for training on a particular skill. Also, if you are young, advice your friends to engage in training.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Uzochukwu Mike


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