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Updated on July 5, 2018
Jail Cell
Jail Cell

The Captain's Prison Story

Rrrr...The crime pay the time. Out at sea, the captain pulls out his telescope and saw a boat approaching his ship with a dozen rebels. Oh really says the captain! No one will rob my ship! Ohoy! get the missals my crew, hollered out the Captain. A bunch of rebels approaching. We about to blow them out the water before they get close, he says. As the boat gotten closer the rebels are looking into their binaculers. They saw the captain was already aiming his guns. They immediately turned their boats. But the captain insist in capturing them so they will never think about robbing at sea.

The captain launched out his cigarette boat of 500 hurst power. Him and two other crewmen went fast ahead to capture these rebals. Zoom fast behind as they aproaching the criminals. The rebels fired back their guns. The captain swing to the right of they boat and launch out a sleeping gas unto the boat. In less than 5 seconds the rebels went fast asleep. The boat slowed down and the crewmen took control of the boat, called in the authories to get these nonchalants off the waters. When the coast guard police came, they found drugs on board. The rebels was sent to prision. When the rebels woke up they found themselve in a prision cell. Inside the cell was a television bar into the walls. On the tv was showing a documentary of the King's Court.

In 1166, Henry II mandated that prisons should be ratifying in every country. Jails were extensively used in England as places for convicts, until their trail by the King’s Court. Prison is a place where persons convicted or accused of crimes and confined. It was known as The House of Correction were instituted in England during the 16th century amend of offenders. In the 19th and 20th centuries, imprisonment was in position of banishment, corporal punishment and execution. The consummate of solitary confinement became unreasonable.

The rebels was at shock that they was captured in their sleep and now they will have to pay the price of being a rebel.

The rebels are now in Isolation and Solitary confinement were a form of disciplinary action that was also used on prisoners. Isolation is used to separate the prisoners and place quarantine for misbehavior and Solitary confinement is when the prisoner is put in isolation from the other inmates in a separate jail cell.

However, development of prison has implemented rehabilitation and probation, dogma of fair punishments for fair time of the crimes or so it should be. But in this case. The captain throw the book at these rebels. They pop their guns at the captains boat with intention to rob the ship, so they are not getting the dogma treatment.

The documentary on the tv also spoke about Captain Alexander Maconochie at Norfolk Island, developed the Mark System in 1840, An English penal colony, located east of Australia. "Let the punishment fit the crime" was used as a symbol of the Mark System to signify parole, vague sentences and individual separate treatment. Depending on the prisoners offenses they can claim there earned marks or credits. Those credits or marks were determined on the prisoner’s good behavior, studies and work performances, but also can be disclaimed for indulgences or misbehaviors. However, a prisoner acquires the amount of credits for discharged from imprisonment by the King's Court.

However, in this case the rebels are not getting credits. They had drugs on their boat, intention to rob the captain ship. This is a serious crime, there are no remorse on any sea criminals.

The documentary continues to show the first state penitentiary was in Walneut Street Jail in Philadelphia in 1794. Solitary confinement allows accentuation of Eastern State Penitentiary expanded on Cherry Hill in Philadelphia and was positioned of prison management, known as the "Silent System". Silence was strictly to compel observance of prisoners at all times during night and day, but was permitted to work together in daytime. This systematic operation of prison management was also known as the Separate Systems; remained dominant in Europe in the 19th century, during those periods, fundamental revisions were developed in Europe and in the United States Prison Systems.

However, in this case there is no revisioning the punishment obtaining to this crime. Rebels are going down. The only way to get out of sea criminal activities, just dont do it. A captain got all the authority to pin you forever in a prision cell with no remorse. So think before getting yourself in this mess.

Contemplating on how many people have a family member or a friend that is in jail right now, steps that was taken to communicate right from wrong and the subject of life in good behaviors, yet sadden by those we so love behind the jail cells. That one day waiting their turn in trail and those that will never see freedom, left behind to live the rest of their life imprisoned, actions do speak and consequences do follow right behind.

moral of the story: Don’t you ever commit any crime that will lead to this. Simple as that or else consequences.


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