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In America, People Can Achieve Whatever Goals They Want Even In These Precarious Economic Times!

Updated on December 27, 2012

You Have Choices in Life-It is All in Your Power to Achieve!

America is indeed the land of rags to riches. Oh yes, I hear people negate this statement-saying how dare this person utter this unrealistic premise. More people will say, "Doesn't this person know what is occurring today, especially in this extremely precarious economy, with people being laid off and/or terminated left and right!" Still others bemoan the "death" of the American dream, citing that people in the lower or near lower socioeconomic level SELDOM, if ever, progress to affluence-so stop dreaming!"

Well, I acknowledge that these are precarious economic times and that jobs are often difficult to obtain. However, I shall paraphrase my mother, who came from an impoverished large family, who pulled herself out of poverty by working her way through high and nursing schools, making straight As-one can better one's socioeconomic predictament-it CAN be done! Now, I hear loud sighs and mumblings," Is this person insane-what world is he/she in- it is impossible or near to impossible for people in the lower or near lower socioeconomic rungs of society to ever progress beyond their station in life!" Well, I have news for these people, this is still AMERICA and anyone who DESIRES TO and WORK SMART can achieve their goals.

I know that achievement of socioeconomic goals at this juncture in history will be somewhat difficult, given the present socioeconomic conditions. However, do not ever permit any circumstance to be an excuse for not achieving your desire socioeconomic goals. Please note although we are in a depression, there are still people who obtain employment, became entrepeneurs, and become wealthy from their own efforts. Oh no, the naysayers remark, refuting this. Well, pay them no mind. Success can be achieved during any time!

Yes, there are people who elect to blame the current socioeconomic crisis for their lack of success. They lament that times are hard and how can they succeed and achieve their dreams when there are few or no socioeconomic opportunities out there. This is a lame excuse for no matter how precarious the socioeconomic situation is, there are people who do succeed, a few quite well. They are willing to take risks, strategize, sacrifice, and work smart to achieve their goals.

Successful people also know that these precarious socioeconomic times give them more incentive to work smart to achieve their goals. They often make the needed adjustments whether it is continuing their education, upgrading their skills, and doing without unneeded luxuries in order to divert monies to what is needed to achieve their stated socioeconomic goals. There are some successful people who will take a job which would be considered "beneath them" in order to get into the proverbial door. They view this entry level job not as a dead end job but as a means to achieve their ultimate goal.

Still other people who are intensely determined to achieve in these perilous economic times often take second jobs, often investing their monies in order to achieve socioeconomic success. Others often elect to perform "makeshift" jobs i.e. turning their hobbies or outside expertise into moneymaking opportunities. These are the people who will use unexplored and new avenues to achieve their stated goals.

I was told stories of how my maternal aunt Martha during the Great Derpession rented out her house to boarders in order to ean monies. She did this in addition to working as a domestic. She was an affluent woman during that period. She refused to let the Great Depression deter her in accomplishing her goal. She also helped her sister, my maternal grandmother and her ever growing family, to live at a barely subsistent level by donating monies and clothing!

The motto whatever one conceives, one can definitely achieve is a quintessential truism! There are and will be successful people who will continue to achieve despite this economically recessive time. They put their intention into what they wish to achieve, brooking no excuses at all!

In summation, living in a precarious socioeconomic climate is no excuse for not achieving one's desired goals. Of course, the road may be difficult, but with strategization, sacrifice, and working smart, not hard, one can easily achieve their desired economic goals. It may be not be easy but it is well worth it!


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      I believe in the motto where there is a will there is a way.It takes time and sacrifice and risks.Sometimes it seems like an endless cirlce of disappointment.Then a part of us continues to dream and sees so much potential we can't stop no matter what.It is who we are.Thanx for sharing and have a great day.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      Such an informational and important hub.Every student who is in high school should familiarize themselves with this great thought.I want to learn and hear more.I have followed all my life on the same principles and it can be very hard to achieve the goals that you see alone.With a great team there is an endless opportunty to turn the most amazing dream into reality.I wonder if this is something you would be interested in.Wonderful writing.Have a great day.

    • lorenmurcia profile image

      lorenmurcia 6 years ago

      I remember when I was still a student and now that I am teaching, I always encounter reading our history attached to your country's. I know your country will rise to whatever hardship it is encountering now. History has proven that. We're with you in prayers.