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Inconsiderate Logistics

Updated on June 17, 2011

A pet peeve of mine that I relish is what I call Inconsiderate Logistics. I'm sure you've seen it in action, we all have. Let me begin by defining a couple of terms:

inconsiderate – adjective

1. without due regard for the rights or feelings of others: It was inconsiderate of him to keep us waiting.

2. acting without consideration; thoughtless; heedless.

3. overhasty; rash; ill-considered: slovenly, inconsiderate reasoning.

logistics – noun

1. the branch of military science and operations dealing with the procurement, supply, and maintenance of equipment, with the movement, evacuation, and hospitalization of personnel, with the provision of facilities and services, and with related matters.

2. the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation.

So someone who is practicing the art of Inconsiderate Logistics is someone who does not give any consideration to the movement of people. Let me give you a few examples...


Some people are so engrossed in their conversation as they ascend or descend the escalator that once they reach the end of the ride they stop to continue their conversation. This is an ill-considered placement of these people as a steady stream of escalator riders will pile up behind them. Other times a person coming down the escalator is accosted by their friend who is waiting at the bottom and the two of them slow down their movements hindering the people who are continuing to arrive at the bottom of the escalator.

Doorways and Entryways

In a public area where there are exit/entry doors, the precise spot for an Inconsiderate Logistical person to have a conversation with an equally Inconsiderate Logistical is right in front of the doors, whether it be on the indoor side or the outdoor side. People need to pass through these doors to exit or enter, does standing there make any sense?

Stopping on a busy sidewalk

For those of us who live in or frequent a city, there are times when the sidewalks are crowded and full of moving people. An Inconsiderate Logistical person would be walking at the same pace of everyone else but then at an inordinately inconvenient time, decide to come to a complete stop.

In Hallways

Jane is walking north through a narrow well used hallway while Jeff and Bill are walking south talking about the project they are working on. Jane over hears them and stops them to provide her feedback so the three of them are now stopped in the midst of a narrow well used hallway having an impromptu business meeting. Tell me, is this Logistically Inconsiderate?


I am sure you can come up with your own example. All I ask, if you ever find yourself in a position where you become part of an Inconsiderate Logistical situation, to render that situation considerate in whatever way possible.


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Thanks again MMP, is your son a candidate for an Inconsiderate Logistic award?

    • MyMastiffPuppies profile image

      MyMastiffPuppies 6 years ago

      Very well said! I really enjoyed the read and will pass this on to my son, who will be sure to pass on to his friends. This as always was very clever and funny. Voted up and all across the board...

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Thank you, I also really enjoy writing.

    • whoisbid profile image

      whoisbid 6 years ago

      You have a skill for writing!

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Indeed, the location of leaving your grocery cart in the store can either be considerate or inconsiderate; this unawareness that people have of their surroundings should be pointed out as something extremely obvious.

    • i scribble profile image

      i scribble 6 years ago

      Amusing article. The place where i am most often annoyed by inconsiderate logistics is the grocery store. People are so often unaware that they are in the way due to talking on their cell phones or just general obliviousness. I recommend a little beep at distracted drivers to help them get their mind back on the road.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Thanks JS, I am sure there are countless examples. Often it is just a matter of inconsideration, but what I wanted to draw attention to here was inconsideration as it relates to the movement of people. That really irks me.

    • JSParker profile image

      JSParker 6 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

      What immediately came to mind is my husband plants his feet, while sitting at our kitchen counter, such that whenever I get up to get something, I trip over them.

      What about the shopper who parks his/her cart in the very center of the grocery aisle so no one could possibly pass on either side.

      Finally, the distracted driver in front of me, realizes the light is green so late that I am left waiting through another red light.

      Clever topic, Phil.