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Indescribable Negotiating Power of Passion MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Updated on October 6, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology

Innate Negotiating Current
Innate Negotiating Current | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Opening to the Indestructible Force of Focused Sensual Conviction


Human beings are natural born negotiators. Whether one is aware of it or not, the indisputable fact is: we know how to get what we want!  The difficulty lies in ability to clearly state what it is we want more than anything else in the whole wide world.

There are so many options, distractions, luring ‘tinkle trinkets’, that draw our attention away from what it is we desire.

See here’s the deal: with only so many minutes in the run of a day that we are afforded  to stay awake to live our lives as passionately and fully engaged in sacred sensually sexually artistically creative projects, we must become aware of what direction we are placing our energy.

We can blab intentions all day long, but until we affirmatively state what it is we want ‘barring nothing and no one’, we will remain flittering around the mulberry bush, holding our pee.  

IF you have read many of my previous esoterically based psychological articles, you are already in the vein of realizing that YOU are on the right track doing whatever it is you are supposed to be doing for reasons you can’t possibly realize the significance and connection therein contained. 

However, the clock is ticking and you are on the clock!

IF you spend one minute complaining, griping, groaning, moaning, comparing, gossiping, backbiting, plotting, competing, measuring and planning the outcome of your endeavors, you are not in the succulent bed of your sacred sensual sexual artistic creative bed of passion. In fact, you are growing decrepit by the second.  

Have you taken a grand long look at yourself, lately?  Has the sparkling twinkle left your eyes; does you face seem tired, haggard and drawn? Are you as sexually attractive as you feel you can be?

Sexual attractiveness flees from the person who is a monochromatically dull repeating the same old “poor me” tales day after day after day.  Give it and the others a rest. Everybody’s got a story, so what?  Get on with the ecstatic buzz of electrified gyrating movement.  

A rhythmic vibrating  bounce in your step defines your carefree fun-loving ‘ready for new adventure’ personality.  OH? Did I hear you say, “Not much bounce in my pounce?”  And, just why not,may I say indignantly inquire?  When did you get so disgusted and ornery?  

On what day did you release your passionate zest for laughing and rolling in continual bliss filled inspired activities?

Have you noticed how negative and cynical you are lately?  If so, other people have known it for quite some time. The negativity you are surrounded by arrives via through your present mind-set.  NO one else is bringing you down, making you mad or spilling juice on your favorite cashmere sweater.

You hear a lot about marketing these days. (Especially internet marketing; which as a side note: I know nothing about) But, the genuine marketing strategy is in you, for you, with you, on you and about you. You are the best thing going since where you are going is exactly and precisely where you are supposed to be going and nowhere else but!

In other words, you won’t be cheated out your mate, position, money, business opportunity, bargain and or friendship.  It’s absolutely impossible to be cheated in this life. So relax. No one can take anything or anyone from you that belongs on your specified path. 

 They don’t possess that kind of power. No one does!  If circumstances appear as if something or someone has been removed, it was only because the removal was part of the divinely sanctified celestially ordered path.  Got that?

More to your ever unfolding story coming round the bend just be patient.

Here is where your finely processed delectably crafted undeniable solicitous negotiating tools show up.  Of course, you’ve had them the entire time, but merely neglected to recognize the potent source of their magnetic attracting power as coming from you.

You are a commandingly authoritative negotiator who gets what is asked for when you say once and for all times what it is you ‘no kidding’ want.  Do you even know?  If not, NOW is the time to ponder on that sensational luscious oasis within you.

 Our precious ruthless soul {who can mysteriously double as a camel} will offer up her secrets IF you are courageous enough to confront her in earnest.

It’s all a matter of deciding what you are willing to exchange for what it is you are asking for.  OH?  Did you think you could get something for nothing?  Not going to happen. Our precious seductive sensual soul wants the earth-shattering experience; what do you want?  

 You are going to have to learn to diminish the failure fear fox and the crabby curt criticism you so easily spout without even getting a high five. Think you can do that?

If you are not tending to your business, erroneously believing someone else cares about it as much as you do; you are a lazy sleepy dumfounded sitting duck.  Silly rabbit, desires are personal and individually cherished. Others can talk about it but they can’t feel it! 

{Did I mention our precious ruthless soul, being the divine trickster she is, is incredibly jealous and possessive?}  She wants you to have the incalculable bliss attached to the individual wish you desire, alone.

It’s sort of like a personal cosmic celestial orgasm.

You can share it all you want to , but You will the instigator, manager, motivator, installer, writer,  inspirer, singer, songwriter, poet, musician, scientist, philosopher, engineer, lawyer, banker, judge, priest, sports commentator, educator,  builder, artist, drama coach, cook, bottle washer, public relations specialist, producer, box office auditor, director, performance critic and star of your own show. 

That’s precisely where the infamous negotiating skills come into play. You are in the passive/aggressive articulated motivated celebrated demonstrated role of selling the one of a kind unidentifiable you! 

Nobody can do you like you can do you!

I’m going to swing on out of this howling  jazz joint as I bring this slow dance to a screeching halt but not without asking you one more time, seriously.  What is it that you are interested in? 

Are you involved in that one blood pumping sacred sensual sexual artistic creative fantasized obsession in any significant way?  Fantasy works on the premise of mutuality. A ‘natural and convenient’ fascination exists in you and no one else has that exact same foundational premise to build upon.

Here’s how you will know it’s you inimitable passion.

You are ‘turned on’ by this thing more than anyone you know and can’t understand why it doesn’t light up the entire world with the same kind of enthusiastic conviction.  I’ll tell you why.  That sacred passion is yours to negotiate, on your terms, with your explicit skills, talents and abilities.  

It’s high time to call a special urgent board of directors meeting with your precious ruthless soul to discuss your most private affairs. You think you can negotiate?  “You aint seen nothing, yet.”  Wait until she calls in her big bosses. That’s when the party really gets rolling.

“Now, where’d I lay that saxophone?”

Behind Door Number 3
Behind Door Number 3 | Source


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    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Fascinating, Paula. Just yesterday I received two emails from total strangers who have seen my picture and wants to get to know me better, but the pictures have been there for years..huh?

      I was telling a friend about this and thinking hmmn I must have turned on something, lol..but what?...I feel as if I am 24 years old again...

      Hmnn...inimitable passion..I like that..


      Thank you!!


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