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Indian Myth- Shiva's anger at Daksha

Updated on October 29, 2011

Shiva- the God from the Dark side

Shiva is the God from the dark side who is quickly angered but in contrast can be magnanimous and merciful to devotees who err against his wishes.

This story takes place with a magnificent celebration held once every thousand years. Daksha was leader of the Brahmins and was welcomed by all the God's except Shiva who was sitting alone deep in thought. Daksha was offended as he was Shiva's father in law and he strode out of the palace shouting to anyone who would hear him " Shiva is not fit to be part of these celebrations".

The God gets angry.... very angry

Daksha organised another celebration but did not invite Shiva. His wife Sati gate crashed her father's celebrations and found that he ignored her and had made no offerings to her husband God, Shiva. She was so angry she said out loud that she no longer wished to be known as Daksha's daughter nor to keep the body which had come partly from him.

Shiva sat on the floor int he great room as flames swept through her body. Followers of Shiva who had been at the celebration roared in agony of despair at Sati's violent death and ran to tell Shiva. He was very angry and started to dance, a sure sign of death and destruction to follow. Plucking a hair from his head he threw it ot he ground where it exploded into a huge demon whom he told to kill his father in law Daksha.

The giant demon rant to where Daksha was still celebrating , and grabbed him up in his huge hands. Taking a knife he cut Daksha's head off in one sure blow, throwing his head onto a bonfire. Daksha's followers , the Brahmins were scared and sought protection from Brahma,the father of all beings. He would not protect them but told them to visit Shiva and ask him for forgiveness.

Shiva shows his mercy

Shiva was sitting in his home in Mount Kailash, a beautiful heavenly place, with forests and rivers, tranquil and peaceful. The Brahmins came in front of Shiva and prostrated themselves asking him for forgiveness, which he gave. Shiva brought Daksha back to life, replacing the head that had been burned with a goats' head! It appears that there was nothing that Shiva could do to bring his wife back to life.

This story shows how the God, swift to anger, could be merciful to those who were devoted to him and begged forgiveness.


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