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Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Updated on May 16, 2012

What is I/O Psychology?

This is a branch of psychology that is rarely seen by very important in the work area. They apply psychological theories and practice to put them into work with organizations. However, there are two sides of this card.

The first side of I/O Psychology is the industrial side that involves fitting individuals for job positions. Do they match the personality necessities for this job? How much stress can they handle? The psychologist analizes the individual's personality and characteristics to see which position they best match to perform well and grow in. They also train employees, measure and develop job performance.

The second side of I/O Psychology is the organization side which consists of understanding how organizations affect individual behavior. Many factors which are seen regularly consist of organizational structures, social norms, management styles and role expectations. By understanding these factors, I/O Psychologists work to improve individual performance and health while aiding the organization as a whole.


I/O Psychology is not an easy degree to find for a bachelors, so it is best to achieve a bachelors degree in general psychology. The next line of business is to get a master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which is found in a few schools across each state. Jobs can be found for psychologists with a masters. However, it is best to have a doctorates for more job possibilities. Even so, internships are also found for certain students for a better outlook and experience for the student.


All numbers were noted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Bottom 10% - $55,330 annually and $26.60 per hour.

Bottom 25% - $74,340 annually and $35.74 per hour.

Medium 50% - $94,720 annually and $45.54 per hour.

Higher 75% - $143,950 annually and $69.91 per hour.

Most I/O Psychologists work for industries in management, scientific, and technical consulting. Other I/O Psychologists work for scientific research and development services, the state government, as well as colleges, universities and professional schools. The pay levels are in stated order from highest to lowest.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Industrial and organizational Psychology is very important in businesses. Creating a productive corporate culture is one hurdle that many HR and admin profesionals are trying to solve. Using psychology in addressing this concern can yield numerous options a company can take. In the end, companies are composed of people and relationships with the business need to be productive.