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Inherited DNA Carbon Footprint

Updated on September 14, 2015

Carbon Footprint Traits

Carbon Footprint DNA
Carbon Footprint DNA | Source

Carbon Footprint Traits

The Carbon Footprint Our Lineage

Recalling a paragraph in “Molecules in Motion” by Deepak Chopra, where he states our molecules are propelled by its own eco-system within itself and outside of us; is very accurate protrayal in describing our lives. How you wonder? if we look at our bodies and environments (internal/external) in a broader spectrum, we can visualize that they are connected with everything and the environment plays a huge role in our health and wellbeing. We could view how DNA is structured in the video, “Molecules in Motion,” (, and our relationship with the internal and external environments. We can look at our external environments and they are cells or micro-bodies that we need to survive. Whether it is sunshine or the plants, vegtables, or meats we eat.

Everything evolves and goes through a world within a world when we eat, move, exercise, and when we rest; it spins in a spectacular blending of atomic reactions and responses of chemicals, foods, water, and most importantly, Oxygenated blood, when we are created and born into existence, and carry throughout our lifetimes.

Every person is born with a genetic makeup, a individual code that involves 23 paired chromosomes we inherit from our parents. The genes we acquire through heredity engage the color of our eyes, skin, and intelligence matter in our brains and body. The roles that our external environments form and play out in are in what we breathe, eat, drink, and learn.

Both female and males have 23 paired chromosomes, the hormone that determines sex is the Y gene for males and the X gene for females. Testosterone is present in both sexes however, during pregnancy if testosterone is present in the 3rd and 4th months the child normally exhibits more aggressive behavior. It is documented that the testosterone levels of criminals with violent behaviors are very high. But, for girls at the age of puberty is when the inherited estrogen (female hormone) aggressiveness is also documented to increase. Remember we have pre-destined instructions in our cellular structure, so this could be a factor in our inherited traits. Sometimes we require or acquire help in determining our DNA like (www.dna.ancestry) or other agencies to determine DNA.

Parents also influence our internal and external environments and characteristics in the latter part of our lives where they have had an impact on our morals, education and mental capacity.

The form in which we are nurtured is of debate when we attribute the influences of our environments and characteristics of our parents.

Our brain is the Central Computing Unit of our bodies, like the CPU of a computer; that has several divisions of processes for the body. This is called the Psychobiology and focus of the biological foundations of behavior and mental processes.

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