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Inside Modern Day Archetypes: Dissecting the Executive

Updated on October 16, 2016

The Executive Archetype Naturally Takes Power

The Life Journey of the Executive

The executive archetype is based off of one of the first defined archetypes - the king.

This is a modern day archetype with an inherited destiny or acquired stature and a contemporary concept of power, usually in the business field.

The operative words at the heart of the life journey of the executive are control, influence and strength.

The challenge for the executive is to not misuse his power for personal gain.

The executive can often come off as vain, entitled, and narcissistic, but he is actually generous, hard-working and charismatic.

The key to tapping into the good sides of the executive lie in his ability to use his power for good, and avoid letting it get to his head.

Who Fits the Executive Archetype?

The executive archetype is part of the Royal Family of archetypes, paired with the queen and the king. This archetype describes a person who takes charge of situations and gets results, a person who commands center stage without any effort, and someone who looks professional and well put-together all the time.

The executive is generous, smart and commanding, but sometimes will compromise his integrity in order to maintain his power. The challenge that faces this archetype is being able to differentiate between real power and illusory power. They may have trouble in relationships, but once they learn how and where to invest their power, they can be extremely successful in life.

Modern Day Archetypes

The Universal Lesson for the Executive

Learning to have a healthy relationship with one's own power is the universal lesson every executive needs to learn. Power comes in many forms in today's society - money, status, authority, influence, fame - it can become consuming. The executive must learn that all of these forms of power are merely illusory. No matter how much power someone possesses, there are greater forces at work that ultimately control our fate. Thinking that your power is strong enough to control the world can be your downfall if you fit the executive archetype.

The greatest fear of the executive is that they will lose their power somehow. If they don't learn to overcome this fear, it can become harmful to the executive - the key is learning how to interact with your power without allowing your power to take full control.

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Unique Challenges that Face the Executive

There are unique challenges that every archetype faces through their life. This archetype is public, social, and rarely reclusive - they are always on the run. One of the challenges that faces the executive is finding free time for themselves. Unlike the advocate archetype, the executive isn't drawn to political causes (despite its association with the king and the queen).

The executive is attracted to creative ventures, community projects, social causes and philanthropic events. They often work in executive positions. If this archetype fits you, you were born to utilize your creative power. It is crucial however that you avoid manipulating your power or allowing your power to rule your life. This is the challenge of the executive.

The Profile of the Queen Archetype

The Inner Shadow of the Executive

The dark shadow that lies within the executive archetype is the innate urge to compromise one's own integrity in order to hold on to their power.

The wisest move for the intellectual is to search for their own truth - this is the only way they will gain the ability to use their power for good.

Greed, envy, vengeance and lust can easily overtake the executive if they don't keep their power in check. If they can remain unattached to worldly power, they can unlock endless opportunities for themselves.

The Defining Grace of the Executive Archetype

Generosity is the defining grace of the executive - a grace that has potential to change the lives of those that fit this archetype. Generosity begins with an instinctive response to those in need - from a homeless person to a place just struck by a natural disaster - the executive is drawn to causes and situations where his help makes him feel like a better person.

The executive needs to work hard however to decipher what they are doing to empower others over acts they do to empower themselves. Holding an important place in society, they can be agents for change if they use their power properly. The grace of generosity can be a silent force that acts within the heart of the executive to dismantle beliefs that keep you separate from others.

The Modern Day King and the Traditional King Archetypes

Recognizing the Executive Archetype

The executive archetype should not be confused with the intellectual archetype.

The executive isn't the one in the room with the highest IQ necessarily, but they are the most dominant, and often the most accomplished.

The executive knows who to present himself in an elegant, stylish and charismatic manner.

Here is a list of traits and characteristics that fit the executive archetype:

  • A take charge personality
  • A catalyst for positive change
  • Generous
  • Empowers others around them
  • Uses their power as a force for good
  • Works hard to uphold their values
  • Commands center stage effortlessly
  • Is always the person in charge of a situation

They often hold strong positions at their place of employment but they also have kind hearts, and are extremely generous people.

It isn't money or worldly possessions that defines the executive, but rather their capacity to improve the lives of others through their charismatic personalities and their endless generosity.

Things that Empower the Executive and Things That Take Away the Power of the Executive

All of the archetypes hold a power waiting to be unleashed - and all of these hidden powers can be catalysts for both good as well as evil. Here are some ways the executive archetype can gain power in a healthy way:

  • Cultivating their self-esteem
  • Investing their power in worthwhile endeavors
  • Forming intimate and healthy relationships with others
  • Putting one's integrity above all else
  • Exercising humility
  • Being gentle towards themselves and others around them

Here is a list of ways that the executive can misuse or abuse their power:

  • Pursuing illusory power
  • Misusing power for personal gain
  • Gossiping
  • Allowing power to create a sense of self-entitlement
  • Indulging in power plays


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