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Inspiration from Sprouts

Updated on January 17, 2011

A plant begins its life as a seed without any sun light in a dark damp ground. In this place of darkness without any possible assurance that there will even been a sun when it reaches the surface the plant will still attempt to grow. It’s goal simply to have a chance at life and to fulfill its role and reproduce carrying on the species.

With determination the seed will sprout and the sprout will journey to the surface to face whatever awaits it. Eventually breaking the surface and feeling the open air for the first time in triumph often without the warmth of the sun but the cool night air and yet the plant will still keep on growing even without the warmth and energizing rays of the sun.

Then the sun will rise and the plant will have seized victory, all bet a small one with many greater challenges ahead yet a victory all the same.

Yet if there is no sun the plant will continue to grow until it wither and dies a pale white color just laying there on the ground. Still having come that far is a feat in and of itself.


Now there is something to take away from that. A clear cut message that no matter how hard or bad it may seem, and with no guarantee of success that we as individuals should still try. Like the sprout we should grow toward the surface our goal to reach the brightness of a glorious future through our endeavors.


For if we never try, if we quit while still in the ground, we will still wither and die as nothing but wasted potential.  For if we let fear guide us, fear that the sun won’t be there that our goal is unobtainable then we will never grow into what we could have been.

It is true that not all will have the fortune of making it, some will be struck down by circumstance, others will die from lack of nutrition, and more still will be struck down by an outside force. Yet not every plant fails and one will never know what the sun feels like unless one tries. Through trying we can reach the surface and one day become that proud full grown plant!



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    • Phasmatis profile image

      Phasmatis 7 years ago

      Added Two More Pictures and expanded the end message. Thanks for commenting.

    • harrison8bal profile image

      harrison8bal 7 years ago from Shanghai

      I like this hub :D but i just didn't like the fact that it ended so quick from the second pic to the third one, you should have a couple more procedures. XD