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Inter Stellar Travel

Updated on April 1, 2012
European Organization for Nuclear Research
European Organization for Nuclear Research | Source


A new look at the CERN experiment, which had supposedly recorded a sub atomic particle travelling faster than the speed of light, reports that there may have been instrument problems, meaning that the experiment results may be inaccurate.

This, to me, seems a little strange as I am sure that the instruments would have been thoroughly tested before the announcement was made. Is somebody trying to deflect us from thinking of new technology that may be underway?

Anyway, if this new report is correct then, once again our endless pursuit for interstellar travel has faced another road block, or has it?

Star Trek

Transporter | Source

Torsion Field

A torsion field is something that is produced by an object spinning at incredible speeds. At these speeds the object has an effect on the air around it; this effect can even affect gravity. The “effect” on surroundings is supposedly to take place at speeds greater than that of the speed of light.

One producer of a torsion fields are asteroids. It is thought that some asteroids may be spinning at such speeds that they create a torsion field around them. Some scientists are trying to determine what the effects would be on our planet, if one of these asteroids were to pass Earth close enough for us to feel the effects of its torsion field, with the related changes in gravity.

A colleague of Einstein first coined the phrase “Torsion Field” and made reports on its effect on the space/time fabrics. His work though was vastly overshadowed by Einstein’s theories at that time.

Russian scientists though, have studied torsion physics and have started to refer to it as the fifth element.


Transfer of Energy
Transfer of Energy | Source

Star Trek

In other areas of science, scientists have been able to make an object appear in two places at the same time. True, it was only a sliver and only appeared the width of an atoms nucleus apart but their next experiment will be more impressive when they try to make a glass jar be in two places at the same time.

Their theory is that if they can do this in a laboratory, then there is no reason that it cannot be done outside and they claim that if successful, there is no reason why these objects could not appear light years apart. The effect on one object would have the equal effect on the twin. This indeed is reminiscent of Star Trek and its transporter.

So what of interstellar travel?

Is it possible that interstellar travel will not take place in space craft but in a technology that somehow combines this “twinning” and torsion fields?

It is starting to become clear that even if the speed of light cannot be achieved, an “effect” to surrounding particles can take place instantly and this then could be the secret that will enable us to visit the stars.

In layman’s terms and to a lesser degree, it could perhaps be compared to a Tsunami. It is not the water that actually moves; it is the energy being transferred through the water that makes the huge wave.


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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hey Rafken,

      Excellent hub, very interesting indeed. I have also written about this subject but in a much more less scientific way.

      The fact is we can travel and we can travel in space. Therefore we are capable of inter-stellar travel. The fact that it may take thousands of lightyears (or even millions) to reach another star system doesn't mean it's impossible, it just doesn't adhere to the human timeline/lifespan.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Rafken, I did read of such rudimentary teleporting experiments involving photons and such in Australia a few years back, I was not aware that matter as insignificant as a single atom has been sent here to there in this way. If they could do it with an atom then it is possible to "transmit matter". But as an astute poster mentioned earlier, it is quite a bit of engineering and technology to move trillions of atoms and have them reassemble not just physically but with all their relative energy states intact. I read a book by the late Arthur C.clarke that spoke of this technology that if it were possible at all we should know before century's end and if we learned to move inanimate objects by that time it would be quite an accomplishment in itself.

      Check this article, particularely the estimate of the future technology in the link within thanks for a most interesting topic....

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Learn something new every day. I had heard of torsion effect but now know a lot more about it.

      So Einstein has a smile on his face, does he, he may have been right about the speed of light.

      I wonder if the manifestation of slivers, and larger objects, appearing in two places at the same time might be due to vibrations at around the speed of light that has them changing places more rapidly than our ability to detect the movement.

      I mean, where are they really!

      Great and provoking article much enjoyed by me


    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee


      Have you read The Source field Investigations by David Wilcock?

      I really enjoying reading your Hubs you have a really good grasp on many subjects that can be difficult for the average Joe to understand.


    • profile image

      markbennis 5 years ago

      Great subject matter and good observation for the obvious side tracking with their bad excuses top paragraph. We are definitely on the verge of a break through in these interstellar phenomena’s that will present a magnificent discovery.

      I wonder if the science is more haplessly leaning to teleportation as a new discovery that way they can tax us for this new discovery as the wealthy can just be beamed around the planet at any time for a good price.

      I kind of get the feeling they don’t want us off planet when all these new discoveries take place, as I am sure they will. Still interesting times all the same, great write up by the way I love the subject matter you cover, now is it me or does the CERN Logo look like a bunch of 6s?

      Voted up! Thanks.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Daemonkin- It is true what you say but "warp drive" is similar to what I am saying- you ride the wave rather than trying to pass through it.

    • andur92 profile image

      andur92 5 years ago from India

      Very interesting stuff. Space travel has always fascinated me.

    • Daemonkin profile image

      Daemonkin 5 years ago from Ringgold, Ga

      A few problems there.

      There was a loose cable in the CERN experiment. If you have seen images of the equipment used, there are hundreds of wires running everywhere. People make mistakes.

      A repeat of the experiment showed the neutrinos traveling very fast, but not faster than light.

      The "transporter" technology is true, but the requirement of the computing power to move anything bigger than a single atom is awe inspiring large.

      There is a large difference between moving a single atom over a distance, and moving trillions of atoms over the same distance, and then reassembling them in the exact same order.

      I think you should have mentioned the "warp drive" in your hub. While it's not a sure thing, it's much more likely than the other two options you mentioned.

      There is also the worm hole scenario.