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Interesting Facts and Trivia about Colorado

Updated on February 23, 2014
Colorado state flag
Colorado state flag

The Colorado state flag looks like a letter C (see picture on right). Perhaps the "C" stands for "Colorado".

Colorado was admitted to the Union in 1876, which is 100 years after the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776. Hence it is sometimes nicknamed the Centennial State.

Colorado along with New Mexico and Arizona and Utah meet at one common point known as the four corners.

Colorado is the home of the Grand Mesa, which is a large mesa with an area of about 500 square miles.

Capital of Colorado

Denver is the most populous city of Colorado. It is also Colorado's state capital.

Within Denver is the Colorado State Capitol Building located at 200 East Colfax Avenue. This building sits a bit higher than the rest of downtown Denver. On the 15th step of this building is engraved with the words "One Mile Above Sea Level". It is said (in Wikipedia) that if you stand on this step, the sun can be seen setting behind the Rocky Mountains.

However in 2003 a more accurate measurement determined that it was the 13th step that is more accurately being one-mile above sea level.

Temperature Records

Part of Tornado Alley, Colorado has its fair share of tornadoes with a few in the F3 category.

Highest temperature recorded in Colorado is 118°F on July 11, 1888 at Bennett.

Lowest temperature recorded is -61°F in Maybell on February 1, 1985.

Men voted to let women vote

Although Colorado was the second state that allowed woman to vote, it was the first state where the men voted to give a woman the right to vote. Wyoming is the first state were woman voted because Wyoming territory already had woman's right to vote before Wyoming joined the Union in 1890.[reference]

Other interesting facts about Colorado

Colorado has the highest mean elevation of any state. Although the peak at Mount McKinley in Alaska is the highest point in the United States.

Colorado is the first state to legalize pot. According to Fox News ...

"Colorado became the first to allow legal retail sales of recreational marijuana on Jan. 1"


Article was written February 2014 and information may be outdated by the time you read this. Facts were pulled from the Internet which may have the possibility of being incorrect.


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