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The Scariest Internet Urban Legends Based on Videos

Updated on October 15, 2014
The Shadow Web
The Shadow Web | Source

Halloween is just around the corner. A peculiar time where the veil that protects us between the world of the living and the realm of the dead is blurred. Blurred enough to let the evil, creepy, scary, demented and weird out. And boy do I have all of this and more.

This isn’t your Bloody Mary, Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal, Alligators in NYC’s sewage systems, or Carmen Winstead chain-letter urban legends. No, it much worst. I will take you on a journey to the Shadow Web, a murky place where rumors, hoaxes, and urban legends are hard to discern from the truth. In this hub I will share the secrets I have undercover in the Shadow Web. Enjoy!

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv screenshot
Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv screenshot

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv video

Known as the Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv video. It first appeared on YouTube around February 2008 and the original video pulled by YouTube a couple of days after its upload. The contents of the video are said to have driven the people that view the video mad. It is rumored that several people clawed out their eyes and cut up their arms within 50 seconds of viewing this video. There was also a confirmed death of a YouTube staff member who watched the video. If you dare to watch the video, it shows an expressionless man with a piercing glare looking directly into the camera. The video effects is red, the atmosphere eerie and the man is very still, pretty much life-less throughout most of the video. Towards the end, things get weird, and we see the man flash a creepy smile while high pitched sounds can be heard in the background. The original video is said to be about 9 minutes long, but there are 2 minute edited videos floating around the internet.

Squidward Suicide Red Mist
Squidward Suicide Red Mist
SpongeBob Squarepants logo
SpongeBob Squarepants logo | Source
SpongeBob Squarepants Characters including Squidward
SpongeBob Squarepants Characters including Squidward | Source

Squidward’s Suicide/ Red Mist

This video is based on a lost unaired episode of the popular children’s show SpongeBob Squarepants on the cable network, Nickelodeon. This lost episode shows the suicide of one of the main characters, Squidward. And that isn’t even the creepy part. The backstory is that the shows’ discontented and unhappy animator named Andrew Skinner created the episode in 2004 titled Red Mist. It was sent to Hollywood under the guise that it was the office season 4 premiere episode of the popular children’s show. Even so, it was not. Instead Hollywood animators watched the tape to discover its shocking content. It shows a depressed Squidward who opens his house door to a salesman who mutters the vague lines, “the red mist is coming”. Squidward confused dismisses this line, and the tape flashes forward to Squidward playing his clarinet to a crowd who boos him ferociously. A down and out Squidward returns back home and sits down on his chair. A blank look is on his face, when… the audio gets prickly. This is when Squidward cries and the tape gets even more disturbing.

A group of real pictures appears, showing the mangled body of a dead boy, pictures of a decreased girl, all of this is going on while Amazing grace is playing in the background. Then there is a series of frames shown in quick paced cession that shows a boy being mutilated. A voice says “do it” and the haunting image of Squidward taking out a shotgun and killing himself is shown. The video ends.

Only 5 people seen this video on that faithful day in 2004. Even so, its effects were devastating. Three animators Grant Kirkland, Jr. Alyssa Simpson, and Barry O’Neill were hospitalized. One editor named Fernando de la Peña retired. While an intern named Jackie McMullen committed suicide. Police officials got involved and tracked down Andrew Skinner who was arrested and charged with 9 counts of murder.

The Wizard of Oz Card
The Wizard of Oz Card | Source

Munchkin Suicide

This one of the most controversial and lasting urban legend, that centers on The Wizard of Oz movie. Many people who watched the 1939 movie stated seeing an actor (munchkin in the film) hanging himself in the background of a scene. This scene is called the Woodsman sequence where Dorothy, the Tinman, Toto, and the Scarecrow singing/dancing/walking toward Emerald City.

This legend started in the 1980s when the film was digitally re-mastered on VHS tapes. In the scene can see a human-like object hanging (in the background, beyond the trees between the 0:13-0:17 time mark) as Dorothy and her friends dance along the yellow brick road). Explanations claim it is a bird, but others see something else. What do you see?


Satan’s Sphinx

This urban legend centers on a video that has given its viewers suicidal thoughts and tendencies after viewing the video. The video titled, Satan’s Sphinx, was uploaded by government officials in 2006 as a way to test reactions and the effects of violent and disturbing subliminal messages.

In the video it shows graphic and rapidly rotating images of death, blood, and murder, while an annoying high pitched audio track plays. The pictures rotate so fast viewers can’t really see the pictures individually. This causes viewers of this video to become dizzy, while intrigue. Towards the end, the screen flashes while chaotic whispering is heard in the background. This 4 minute video is said to cause viewers to become restless and depressed with increasingly disturbing and homicidal thoughts.

It also said to cause paranoia, insanity and hysteria. Theories include that this video actually is a government mind control recruitment tool that uses satanic ritual abuse to lure recruits in. The video was banned and removed from the internet by the government and the only screenshots are available as seen above.

The Grifter screenshot
The Grifter screenshot

The Grifter

The Grifter is a video that was first uploaded in 2009. In the video there are alarming scenes of torture, dying children, dead bodies, exorcisms, and human sacrifice. People watch this video reported symptoms of panic, nausea, restlessness and histrionics.

All of which had led to experiences of trauma, depression, and some have even committed suicide.

Cervine Birth screenshot
Cervine Birth screenshot
Another Cervine Birth screenshot
Another Cervine Birth screenshot

Cervine Birth

This is a very distressing video first made its rounds on the internet in 2009, when it was first upload. In the video, dubbed Cervine Birth, it starts out in a murky, fogged-out meadow where the camera zooms in on a sickly albino deer laying on the ground. In the next scene the camera zooms in on the deer’s eye, which fades to show a mirror that shows the reflection of a deer collapsing.

The viewer soon realizes the animal is giving birth, and minutes later we see a stillborn humanoid like infant come out of the deer. This hybrid cervine (deer-like) humanoid creature is covered in an unidentifiable tar-like dark substance. The video ends with a blurry close-up of the creatures face. Throughout the video there are humming sounds, hitch pitch ringing and muffled /in descript talking. The bizarre, grotesque and unnatural nature of the video has led to aversive reactions. The video is believed to have been removed from the internet and only screenshots have appeared.

Panic Delete keyboard
Panic Delete keyboard | Source

These are all FAKE, UNREAL AND NOT TRUE urban legends!!! Did you believe it? I hope this scares you. IF you have any obscure urban legends and myths to share please comment below. Thank You!

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