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Interpreting What's Inside My Wallet

Updated on June 29, 2010

I'm quizzing out whether or not to write a hub about interpreting one's personality by just looking inside one's wallet. I can be branded as nosy, yet I'll try it first on my own. I know every one has its own wallet, man or woman, alike.

You see, I heard a very good explanation from a priest, two weeks ago, before I decide to share it with you fellow hubbers. Before, I don't mind what's inside my wallet. But after hearing the sermon, I began to contemplate about the things I prioritize.

The Typical Wallet

You can see the photo of my wallet having the usual things inside it; money bills, personal and family photos, driver’s license and ATM cards. With these tangible objects, you can easily know the character of an individual who owns a certain wallet.

Other than that, I could not imagine any deeper significance of my wallet in my life more than the fact that I carry it whenever I go for identification.

"Give me your wallet!" This is the usual command of a robber because he knows what's inside: the money and other valuable things , like the credit card.

I always carry my wallet because it is where my ID cards are kept. What will I give to the police if I had a bad day in the traffic. He will ask me for my driver's license card.

Transacting a business in a bank always require two valid IDs that I use. Even getting my money at the Western Union requires showing my valid identification cards for authenticity.

Even when I report to the manning office of our shipping agency, it is a  protocol to present the company ID and when I undergo medical examination it's a must to present my ID.

So in the numerical sense, we always need our wallet for assurance that we are always truly identified and accounted for.

What the preacher says...

There are questions numbing our minds everyday. "Are we living a grateful life?" "Does matters of the heart matter?"

At first, I was just literally listening inside the church, because I was thinking of other things. You don't know the true personality of those sitting beside you. Maybe,  one of them is a pickpocket. Yes, they operate even inside the church.

What caught my attention, or  maybe everyone inside the edifice was when the preacher said: "What's in your wallet?'' He even asked everyone to show their wallets and look what's inside of it. Everyone seemed to be in happy mood. The typical ID cards, ATM cards, money, electric bills or even condoms and  personal medication (prescribed  drugs) were inside the wallet of most matured men.

As the servant of the Lord said, we operate in our brains and pockets.

You must see people with a heart. When we go to church, there are street people begging for alms. Do you share your blessings?

We operate through our brain and our pocket, as in our wallet.  With the use of our brain or cerebral aspect, we think about the things we'll do everyday.  In numerical aspect, we use our pocket to give something monetary, to pay bills, buy food or even give alms to the needy if you want to share what you have to others.

The most unforgiving people are those who are broken. If you are well off or not, you must see people with a heart. If you act like this, you will not treatpeople like commodities, that you can buy if you want happiness or satisfaction. People need respect whatever their status in life.

Instead of condemning people, because they're poor, we must understand that what they need is an inspiration coming from the Lord Almighty. The richness and blessings of our souls are the ones that matter most, rather than the earthly richness that we are receiving right now.

Returning Lost Wallet

 Every wallet means so much to the owner. If you  found one on the streets, you can peruse what's inside for information about the identification of the owner, then return it. Don't even dare to own it, because it's an integral part of the owner.

You can report it to the nearest police station and they can call the owner about it. Or you can call personally if you found the telephone number of the owner at home or his/her cellular number.

Flashback Year 2000...I lost my wallet in the city of Manila, here in the Philippines, with all the important IDs and ATM card as well as the money intended to buy food provisions for the day at the seaman's center where I was training as a cook.

My brain went blank, for a moment, as to wehre will I get the money to buy the ingredients for the whole three meals on that day.

Maybe I was caught by the millenium bug, but my friends told me to report it immediately to the nearest police station. I did, but the wallet and the money was never returned. I always see to it that I have a contact number inside the wallet juust in case it is lost.

I was not lucky that day.


Flipside Wallet Review c/o cloud838

Wallet history and its kinds

 "Wallet"means knapsack to refer a bag during the ancient times (1st century AD) while in the modern times, it is a "flat case carrying currency". 

In Ancient Greece, the ancient Greek word kibisis to describe a bag carried by god Hermes and the mighty Perseus who carried the decapitated head of the monster Medusa, that can turn you into a stone if you look directly into her eyes. 

In the 18th and 19th century, a wallet can be used to carry dried meat or even smoking paraphernalia, victuals or other treasures (like jewelry) aside from money.

In modern times, the modern bifold wallet became widely known in the 1950s. From then on, there were varieties made to suit everyone's needs.

It can be a "breast" wallet, sometimes called "secretary"or "passage" wallet. There's a tri-fold wallet, wrist  wallet, front pocket wallet, chain wallet,  I.D. wallet and more. Purse is also considered as front pocket wallet, usually used for coins and small amount of currency.

Travel wallets and money belts are mostly bought by travelers to prevent from losing their money to pickpockets.

Every year, posh designs of black and brown leather wallets are in the market for men and women worldwide.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      What would life be without wallets? This should have been the title of this hub. Thanks, sailor for sharing your thoughts.

      Really, wallet is so important that it is synonymous with pockets of the pants we're wearing.

    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 7 years ago from Seven Seas

      Wallet is so useful. I can even slip some flat bubble gum in it or first air plaster, just in case my finger got cut by a knife or wounded.