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Interview preparation tips for freshers-what interviewer expects from you

Updated on December 22, 2014

Practice some aptitude

Most of the companies nowadays have a initial screening exam or a basic written exam which apart from other things consists of some mathematical aptitude or logical aptitude questions. And to move forward with the recruitment process this is the first and must cross hurdle. So you must spend some time solving aptitude problems of average difficulty. I say average because such written exams have a medium difficulty level, not many want you to be the next Einstein. The objective is just to check your basic aptitude and logical ability. The way you think and correlate.

It matters to them as companies as they want people with good aptitude who can easily learn things being taught to them in their training or project work. So much before going for a recruitment drive or an interview do practice a set of such problems and shortcuts to solve them.

Hone your communication skills

Yes, you communication skills matter the most in an interview. Even if you are technically not a genius or have average knowledge/understanding of your domain or subjects, the way you present your knowledge matters. If you can articulate your ideas clearly and crisply you have an edge over others who cannot. So start practicing with your friends, colleagues, family members or take professional help to enhance you verbal skills.

Having said that, verbal communication is not the only aspect to be taken care of here. The non-verbal that is the body language part is also equally and sometimes more important. People say your interview starts the moment you enter into the room, even if you have not spoken even a word. So keep this factor into your mind as well. Try to bear a pleasant smile, even if the things get a bit tough during the interview. Look the interviewer directly into the eye (not to the extent of a stare, but a noticeable eye contact). And use your hands and gestures to support and substantiate whatever you are saying in words. You can practice this in front of a mirror if you do not find anyone to help with.

Clear your basic concepts

For an entry level job basics are the things that matter. As a matter of fact, these tiny concepts are something which even many senior people miss out on in the industry, they consider it too insignificant to remember. But you have to. So go through all your subjects or at least the most relevant ones and clear all the basic concepts of those subject. Be thorough with the basics and describe the same in a crisp language to the interviewer.

Know what is new, and trending in the field of your employment

To know the hot and happening of your field or industry which you are aiming at joining is an added advantage. As if the topic comes to this, you can surely take the conversation your way. You can influence the interviewer with the latest updates that you have and it has a very positive impact of you in general. This advice especially applies to the candidates looking for a career in the IT field. IT is an ever evolving field and you always need to be on your toes to be up to date with latest developments and technologies.

Do a background check on the company you are appearing for

Everyone likes to hear good things about themselves, and so do the employers. So do take out some time to study about the company profile for which you are appearing. Go through their career sections and read their core values. Also take a look at the recent awards and specifically "Best Employer" type awards. Once you have a good handle about the company profile you can go ahead and show it off to your interviewer.

Even if the interviewer does not explicitly ask you about whether you have gone through their website, you can showcase your knowledge by quoting a fact here or there as part of an answer to a query. Here's how. Say the interviewer asks you where do you want to see yourself after 5 years from now? And you have seen on their website regarding their annual awards. So you can say I want to be the part of the Best Team of the Year and also the Best Employee of the Year after 5 years in the company. So this reflects that you have read about their company, it shows your willingness for a long term engagement with them as well as your wish to excel at your work !!

The benefits of going through the company profile are that it makes the employers believe that you are really interested in perusing a career with them. And it reflects your keenness to join them. So make sure you spend some time of your interview preparation in gaining an insight into the company you want to join.

Be confident and relaxed during the interview

The result of an interview is never in your own hands, from the assessment perspective. The interviewer may or may not like you/your answers on a given day. So there's no point in getting tensed, feeling nervous or shaky during your interview. The best bet is to stay relaxed as if it was a normal discussion and on top of that stay confident in whatever you are saying. Make sure your body language does not betray your words and your hands or legs are not shaking without you even being aware of it.

Show confident with your words and actions and maintain a normal voice level. Not too loud, but not to gentle that you are not even audible. Make sure the interviewer can hear hear properly what you are saying.

Be honest and truthful in whatever you say-it pays

Say I don't know for what you don't know, don't try to fool the interviewer:Honesty is the best policy. They did not say it just like that. It really is. And specially when you are in for an interview. So when you do not know the answer to a particular question, just simply say it-that I do not know or remember.

Trying to fool around or mislead the interviewer has a very bad impact, and for them its very simple to figure out that you are trying to bluff. Mind you they are the people with so much experience in the industry that it doesn't take them even a minute to figure out the truth of what you are saying.I personally have experienced it many times that I have made a good impression by being honest in answers to my interview questions.

Drive the interview yourself, rather than the interviewer doing it

Well that's the best way to go about your interview. Its your interview- you drive it. Here's how: Always start an answer, explain every bit of it and then try to relate it and end it on another topic or concept or subject which you know very well. Two to three keywords should be enough for the interviewer to catch and ask the next question from you. But do not make it too obvious that you are doing it intentionally. Make it sound natural and subtle. So most of the times you are answering questions about what you wanted to answer.

Finally, some final tips - prepare well, be confident, be your self and honest and you will be successful. My best wishes with you. May god be with you.


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