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Introduction Ideas for Reading Response Paper

Updated on May 7, 2015

Reading response essays are not a recap of the literature, these papers call for investigation and interpretation. A reading response essay starts with considerate reading. A response or reaction paper is a tad twist on a formal review of a book or article, because response papers are written from the first person point of view, which means that phrases like “I thought” "I feel" and “I believe” can be used when rereading. A response essay shows opinions about parts of literature.

The rules for writing a response essay vary, depending on the purpose, viewers and project. So, the first rule is to know the requirements for the assignment. Get the reader’s attention by describing the subject by using an interesting fact, an appropriate quotation, an anecdote, an example, a story, a scenario, a conversation etc. In a reaction or response paper, writers and authors respond to one or more texts they have read. Response essays are not simply about reading the paper, understanding it, and expressing an opinion about it. Response papers require students to create the academic work.

Structure of a Response Essay

Response essays precede the formal writing way; generally having the structure of a five-paragraph essay:

  • Introductory paragraph that shows the thesis
  • Body paragraphs that describe the backup proof
  • Conclusion that creates an important statement about literature

Introduction - focuses on the thesis statement made over the claim of the work to the individual experience of the author ensuing in a distinct opinion.

Body - evaluates all the features of the paper offered in the essay and the author’s main reply to these characteristics. It is advised to focus on little characteristics to make the essay more considerable and intensive. Use of Figurative Language is definitely must in Essays not just the Response essay. Figurative Language such as Alliteration, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Simile, Pun etc. add life to an essay.

Conclusion - The concluding para offers the proof, which ropes the author’s answer to the examined work which must influence the reader that actual features of the paper explain the response.

Read and Respond

Response Essays are personal responses or approach to the precise ideas shown in a definite work and their application of the author’s life. The conveyed arguments have a very individual personal character and relate to the writer’s critical capabilities. Response papers may vary in length and content from assignment to assignment. Beyond those directions, a student has to know some basic rules to lead reading and to create the final draft.

  1. Explain the main terms, main opinions or arguments, and assumptions of each text.
  2. Do your best to describe each script’s opinions justly and accurately.
  3. Evaluate the proof that each text presents, pointing out strengths and weaknesses, in kin to the others.
  4. Clarify how the paper relates to and “speak” to one another.
  5. Create the text if you can, and if you cannot, give details what the obstacles that are avoiding.
  6. Try to be as detailed and specific as possible.
  7. At any time do not write an autobiographical essay response papers are not about how you feel.
  8. Do not just recapitulate the texts react or respond to them, not repeat what is said.

Sample Statements

A response paper could speak any kind of work, from a piece of art or a book to a film. One can think of a response paper as a review that is part investigation and part judgment. When writing a response paper, students can include statements like the following:

  • I felt that
  • In my opinion
  • I did not like
  • I was especially moved by
  • I didn't get the connection between
  • It was clear that the artist was trying to
  • My favorite part was...because
  • The images seemed to
  • The readers can conclude that
  • The author seems to
  • The author was [was not] successful in making me feel

Response Essays are thus detailed examination of the main subject of a book, editorial, movie, painting, art or whatever a student is given to critique. The next step is to honestly appraise and evaluate it. The main dos are to analyze, interpret, summarize and evaluate the work.

The main issues to be addressed in a critical response essays are:

  1. Has the writer done a good job in choosing the topic and collecting the evidence?
  2. What practices did the writer use to connect the main message?
  3. Are the techniques used effective?
  4. Is the writer’s style flawlessly apt for the topic?

A critical response paper can therefore be a reason to fling rotten tomatoes at the writer, jokes apart well that’s partly true except for the rotten tomatoes really being thrown at the writer or author but only if he/she really justifies it and you are able to find adequate indication to support the position.


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