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Introduction to Educational Psychology (EDP 2002)

Updated on January 11, 2010

Your Instructor

John Talking to A Student...
John Talking to A Student...

Introduction to John Connor's EDP 2002

My name is John Connor and I am your "guide - on - the - side" for this course. My preferred e-mail address for this particular course is EDP 2002 is significantly useful in your formation as a highly effective instructor at any level (i.e. K through 20). I promise you that this particular course will be significantly helpful to you throughout your teaching career.

The textbook that we use for this course is Educational Psychology (11th Edition) by Anita Woolfolk (ISBN10: 0-13-714454-7). The text can be purchased on-campus or off-campus. There are used texts available for purchase (usually before the semester begins). I have no reservations about you purchasing an earlier edition for this course.

If you have any questions please refer to our syllabus first and then (if necessary) call me at 386.506.3406 or e-mail me at My office is located on the Daytona Campus, Building 100, Office 224N. Please print-out our syllabus, read it and reference it throughout our semester (together). Set sail and stay the course; I promise you that this information/knowledge will be significantly useful to you throughout your instructional and/or parenting years.


(1) John Connor’s phone number is 386.506.3406

(2) John Connor’s e-mail address is

(3) Print-out our syllabus and save/store it on your computer.

(4) John Connor’s office has moved once again. Is he in the witness/professor protection plan?He is located (presently) on the Daytona Campus of Daytona State College in Building 100, Office 224N.

(5) If you want (for enrichment purposes) to use/read information about this course proceed to you may (if you so desire). If you can find my hubs they may indeed be helpful...


John Connor


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