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Is Bigfoot About to Be Discovered?

Updated on January 18, 2018
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I've been interested in Cryptids and Mythical creatures my entire life. Skeptical, yet open-minded, I am always searching for the truth.

The Bigfoot Myth and Reality

If you are a living, breathing person you have probably heard of some form of the creature we call 'Bigfoot' aka 'Sasquatch'. Just about every culture has their own version of this elusive animal/human hybrid, but none of them have been able to prove it's existence without a doubt. Some, however, have gotten very close and provided very intriguing photos and film of an unidentified creature that is reminiscent of what we have come to associate with the Bigfoot description. Recently, the most convincing, compiled evidence has come from Todd Standing, Chief Researcher of the Sylvanic Group.

Understanding Todd Standing

If you're an extreme Squatch enthusiast you already know who Todd Standing is. For others who have never heard of this man, I encourage you to watch the documentary Discovering Bigfoot, a film that presents several short video clips of alleged sightings as well as a small expedition with two skeptical PhDs. If you have Netflix you can watch this film for free. Amazon also has it available for rent or purchase if Netflix is not an option for you. And if you just plain don't want to watch the film I will briefly summarize who Todd Standing is.

Todd Standing is a Canadian resident who is obviously obsessed with finding evidence of Bigfoot. He is the head researcher of his company 'Sylvanic' and has also appeared on the hit tv show Survivor Man. Just last year Standing filed a lawsuit against Canadian Officials in order to prove that Bigfoot does indeed exist.

Now that you have an idea of who Todd Standing is you probably want to know if his claims are real or fake, right?

Todd Standing's Blinking Bigfoot Photo
Todd Standing's Blinking Bigfoot Photo

Blinking Bigfoot

If you watched the documentary mentioned above you were probably most intrigued by the footage of a blinking Bigfoot. It is amazing footage and would change many a skeptics mind, but... It is, indeed, fake.

Shortly after Standing's documentary debuted, several serious Bigfoot enthusiasts set out to prove or dismantle Todd's findings and they did so without question. From the photo that was printed in a Calgary newspaper, the analysis concludes that there are far too many impossible variables that produced such a crisp photo in the wilderness and conditions. As an experienced photographer and photo editor myself, I can agree with this analysis. For a detailed breakdown of this analysis you can Google "Analysis in... Blinking Bigfoot". There are several different examples of analyses, but the first one that shows up in the search results is the most concise I have come across to date.

So what does this mean if the photo is a fake? Well, quite simply, if the photo is a fake the video is almost absolutely fake. I say this, because Standing could have just given a video still to the newspaper, but as the analyses shows, the picture was taken with a specific camera. Even though this particular specimen has been debunked it does not mean that the rest of Standing's allegations are false.

But why did he fake this particular photo?

He Fought the Law and the Law Won

As I mentioned in my short bio or Todd Standing, he filed a lawsuit against wildlife officials because they would not recognize his claims. This meant he had to provide undeniable evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. I think you'll agree that the blinking Bigfoot is probably the most interesting visual proof if it could be proven authentic. Well, that was Todd's thinking as well. The rest of his video clips and photos are blurry or questionable at best. We only see obstructed views or partial views of body parts that could be anything in the other examples provided in his documentary. That being said, Standing hoped for the blinking Bigfoot to be the nail in the coffin, but he may have made an error when he provided the photo instead of a camera still. We'll never know the reason unless he comes out and tells us, but this fact means that the others claims, photos, and videos could be of this mythical creature and would be supported by the fact that nobody else has been able to get clear evidence because this creature is so elusive.

The final question: Will Standing eventually find Bigfoot?

Magic Eight Ball Says: Don't Count On It

With 15 minutes of fame and a small fortune that has accompanied Todd Standing the likelihood of him discovering Bigfoot is drastically reduced. If you were to visit you would see that expeditions are now being offered for about $5,000 per person. While the site claims that there are only 4 expeditions for the whole year, limiting the amount of possible expedition participants to 12 people (3 per expedition), there could double that in a year. Multiply that $5,000 by just 24 people and it exceeds $100,000 easily. In other words, that's enough money for me to quit my job. By the way, if you would like to go Bigfoot hunting with me for 7 days for $5,000 just let me know.

Also on the site are several options to buy the Discovering Bigfoot documentary. Trust me folks, once you have a video be nationally advertised there is no roof on the earning potential. Standing has already made millions with just the Survivor Man episodes and the documentary.

Final conclusion: Standing accomplished what he wanted to accomplish already. If he finds Bigfoot, great, but I agree with the magic eight ball on this one. Don't count on it.

Tell me what you think?

Does Bigfoot exist?

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