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Is Midbrain Activation A Scam ?

Updated on August 31, 2012

A review of methods currently available

Midbrain activation and blindfold reading is seemingly spreading like wild fire across Southeast Asia. Most parents in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia have rushed to enrol their children in the program. Perhaps it is due to the effecitveness of the advertisements used. Perhaps it is partly due to the "Jones Effect" - not wanting to be left behind.

There are also voices of concern from educationists in the same regions who advise precaution.

Then there are the usual group of skeptics who claim to smell a scam ?


This method seems to have originated in Malaysia. I had the rare privilege to observe it being conducted in several towns in Malaysia as well as in Colombo, Sri Lanka. You can watch 3 videos of my nephews and nieces doing the blindfold reading at home. For good measure, I even had them read the book upside down.

The techniques used are based on the research done by the late Dr Makoto Shichida. Then there are sound files with specific frequencies that help to speed up the process.




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