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Are These The Last Days For Planet Earth?

Updated on March 19, 2013

As Foretold In God's Holy Word. That Day Will Be Upon Us, Like A Thief In The Night! And That Very Hour May Be Upon The Earth Sooner Then We May Think!

The sands of time continue to empty from the figurative hourglass, as the distant future of our world remains uncertain
The sands of time continue to empty from the figurative hourglass, as the distant future of our world remains uncertain | Source

Does a much higher being have the earth by its globe so to speak. Or like some would like to refer figuratively speaking....the balls!

Could it be a good possibility, that God, or even a more supreme being of unknown origin, is calling the shots right under our own noses?
Could it be a good possibility, that God, or even a more supreme being of unknown origin, is calling the shots right under our own noses? | Source

Then It Rained Down Upon The Immoral Cities Of Sodom And Gomorrah - Fire, Sulfur And Brimstone

Just a little over three weeks ago now, to be exact, on February 15th 2013. during a period when sweethearts world wide, were giving boxes of chocolate candy hearts, flowers and yes, even priceless diamonds to their mates. A somewhat unearthly uninvited visitor, came to earths neighborhood around valentines day, near the city of Cheylabinsk, Russia.

Some of us may still have this particular day, still freshly embedded in their grey matter. at least I do. This unsuspected planetary visitor, nearly kissed the earth with a memorable sweetheart kiss of its own, in the shape of a ten ton,fifty foot wide meteor.

Yes, I am sure that this past, untimely event of a few weeks ago, is still fresh in the back of a great deal of peoples minds, especially those 1000 or more townspeople from that little Russian town that is situated below the Ural mountains.

And if that wasn't enough to give citizens of our planet a fright. Well the close approach of an asteroid about the size of a football field on that same day, passed close enough to the planet to get the adrenalin pumping even more. I am referring to asteroid 2012 DA14, which as most of us already were already informed about. But out of sheer curiosity - beg to know more and also maybe why?

And to add, according to scientists, these other so-called, worldly events, had nothing to do with the large meteor that entered the earth's atmosphere in Russia and exploded. Causing in its aftermath, a town left with a lot of concerned human life, as well as adults and youngsters who were injured by the flying debris caused by that meteor.

So could this certainly be one of the signs of the last days that is so often s mentioned numerous times in the Holy Bible? It very well could be, and I'm sure even the most brilliant scientists on our planet, our more then a bit puzzled as well and most likely scratching their balding heads at this very moment in confusion. And asking the same question that everyone else throughout the world is asking over this past month Planetary events..."Is Planet Earth Spinning On Borrowed Time?" Lately it makes you wonder doesn't it?

Maybe the Mayans weren't too far off when they predicted the world would come to an end around the time frame of December 21st, 2012. Well if they were proven wrong, I can tell you one thing...they weren't too far off the mark, especially with the near miss of planetary events from this past February 15th, 2013.

Events like asteroids and meteors for example are usually a rare occurrence here on our planet . Particularly a close approach of an asteroid and of a meteor exploding approximately ten miles above ground And both occurring on the same day. However over the last decade, it's very obvious to many here on the planet, that the face of the earth is changing at not only a dramatic rate, but at an alarming one as well.

A thinning ozone layer, larger then normal solar flare eruptions from our sun. More violent Hurricanes and earthquakes, that continue to get even more violent year after year. And a seriously receding polar ice cap, are just a few of at least many other issues that our planet has been plagued by.

And then of course with this latest and past close approach of this other planetary visitor just touched upon, entering to within an orbit of less then 17,000 miles - still too close for comfort. And to remind still others about that recent explosion of that Russian meteor over the town of Cheylabinsk. It really doesn't take a space scientist, or rocket scientist for that matter, to put two and two together and come up with a logical answer, does it?

When you take a moment to reflect upon these recent celestial happenings, as you sit in your quiet place. And continue to reminisce about just how damaging the hurricanes over the past years have been. Taking their toll of human life and suffering along with them. It certainly does make the Old lightbulb go on upstairs doesn't it? And that list of natural disasters and other earth shattering events continues to remind- does it not?

The Bible clearly state that we are living not only in the last days. But goes on even further to emphasize, that we are living Deep, or far into these last days. The scriptures quote, mention, that even no one exactly knows the exact day, or time, unquote. But it does say the following...No this, that day will come when those are least expecting it. And it will certainly come like a thief in the night!

A good example of what I am s referring to in the previous paragraph, is the immoral cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. During a time period when everyone for the most part, were driven to unclean, lewd sexual conduct and other immoral desires. A thief did actually come in the night and did indeed destroy those two cities. But what shape, or even thief come to the earth and its inhabitants as?

The Bible goes on to say that it rained fire, sulphur and brimstone down upon those cities. Was this the aftermath of a monstrous asteroid, or possibly even a meteor that entered the earth's atmosphere during that Biblical time period? We may never know the real answer. But we can take an educated guess and imagine something much larger and even much more terrifying then what recently exploded over that Russian city and not too long at that that!.

Could another unsuspecting, unwelcome visitor, in the form of a much larger asteroid, or meteor, that gave the inhabitant's of earth something to think about this past valentines day. Become even more of a concern to our planet, as the Bible often reminds us of so many times within its Holy Scriptures, as foretold by the Apostles? Maybe we are not really paying close enough attention to all of the warning signs over these past years. Only time will tell for sure what fate awaits us all!!

It's Just A Matter Of Time

With all of the climatic changes and other other worldly events that have taken our planet by surprise over the past few years, it seems logical, that it's just a matter of time before we get hit with the big one!
With all of the climatic changes and other other worldly events that have taken our planet by surprise over the past few years, it seems logical, that it's just a matter of time before we get hit with the big one!


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