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Is Spanking Your Child OK?

Updated on July 8, 2012
Spanking Your Child
Spanking Your Child

Where Do We Draw The Line?

Is a time out not enough? Does a firm lecture bore your child, rather than teach them anything? Is spanking your child, cruel and unusual punishment? I’m not sure exactly where even I stand on the issue, but I can tell you that the occasional spanking of my child (not abuse) – can be effective in sending a message. But, I’m sure there will be many that disagree with me, and that’s what I’d like to hear…. where do we draw the line?

I Was Spanked Growing Up...

I think we can all agree that children need to learn discipline, but what’s the best way to get our message across, without long lasting effects. Many behaviorists say it sends the “wrong” message, or at the very least “conflicting” messages. Later on in life, children will grow up and be faced with conflict with their spouses, their bosses, and others – will they resort to physical violence if we “planted the seed” by spanking? Other research indicates, there are other serious consequences to physical punishment. Pediatricians linked physical punishments such as slapping, hitting, pushing and shoving to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and personality disorders in a small percentage of those observed. I was spanked growing up, and I’d like to think I turned out OK... but perhaps for others it’s different.

Children Do Need Discipline

What I do know, from just being out publicly, is that parents need to step up their game. Children these days seem to have an overall lack of respect for authority whether it be at home or school. If children don't learn that society has rules, and consequences for bad behavior, they grow up into a culture in which they can't hold work, can't get a job, and have no respect for people above them. Is all of this a result of a lack of discipline, the music they listen too, the video games they play… maybe even just not having family dinner? I don’t know… but it is a problem. So how do YOU discipline your child?

Do You Think Spanking Your Child (not abuse) Is An Effective Way To Discipline?

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    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 5 years ago from LA

      Spanking is rarely effective. Punishments are a last resort. Explain and demonstrate what you want your child to do. Just remember they are sensitive, intelligent and have the inner desire to please you. It is their survival to do so. They follow the adult... not the other way around . Be constant, firm, and in charge. The child will feel secure due to your firm, logical and consistent guidance and will display willing obedience. Sometimes they just want what they want: Be firm. Sometimes they forget: Remind them. Sometimes they try your patience: Be Patient.