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Importance of Time

Updated on March 1, 2013
Big Bang Expansion
Big Bang Expansion | Source
Time is crucial
Time is crucial | Source
Time is not constant
Time is not constant | Source

Essence of Time

Time is a measure from the past through the present and into the future.

Big Bang Theory is a classic example of Time, where there was an explosion in space, and the universe was born as a hot, dense single point in space. That time radiation was the only form of energy dominating in space.

Universe changed rapidly, and eventually elements of matters started to exist. Galaxies were emerged as hot bulbs of gases came together. One of the galaxies was our home. Sun also emerged from the milky way; it was a star.

Earth was formed, and many changes were happening since our home was made. Unicellular microbes existed at that time. Gradually when ozone layer was formed around Earth, there was biological evolution and DNA was formed. This led to the origin of plants, animals and man.

Arrow of time

Time moves in a direction.

It moves from Past to Present and then onto the Future. Thus, making each moment different from the latter one.

Entropy changes with time. The past will have lower entropy as compared to the future, which will report having higher entropy.

This can be supported by the example of Big Bang theory where the universe 13 billion years ago was orderly as compered to today, which is extremely dis-organized.

“You can have it all. Just not all at once.”
Oprah Winfrey

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Mother Teresa

“Time is what we want most,but what we use worst.”
William Penn

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Importance of Time

Time is the essence of life, and it is always on the move. It does not have a day off and does not pause for a bit.

Man has been able to record time as Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

What was yesterday becomes the past and what has to come is the future. Time does not wait for anybody and thus is compared to Money. Just as, lost money cannot come back, the same way when loitering around, time is wasted, and those precious moments do not come back.

Importance of Family Time

Time and kids do not go well, and they are heard umpteen times, “Are we there, yet?” or “Is it Time, yet?”

When we have kids traveling with us, they are so excited to reach the destination that the above statement is uttered at least a gazillion times. As a parent, you try to keep them entertained with books, board games, DVD's, music, but time does not go fast for them.

Toddlers don't realize the meaning of Time, but adults, should use it with caution.

We are running daily to get chores done, and finish deadlines. Little do we realize that Time will not wait up for any one. We have to slow down a little and cherish the moments we are currently living in, so that when the next phase of Time arrives, we have memories of the previous one.

The Importance of Time Management

Time does not wait for anyone, thus is precious. Time changes just as we wake up every day.

If Time would stand still, we would be bored of the same routine. Every day is a new day and so is Time. So, why not treasure it as much as we treasure our breath, and manage it properly.

Time is considered best medicine since it helps a person grow emotionally, and that helps him shape his future better. The wise tend to use time well while the ordinary think of how to spend their time.

Importance of Progress and Time

Our progress is dependent on Time. When our time will come, we have to go.

When our time is there, we will succeed even if the world is falling apart.

When our time is knocking on our door, we will get what we had dreamt about.

It’s all about time. So, let's all keep working hard for our dream while being in the present and rejoicing with family, and friends’ cause this time will not come.

Time Management Techniques

Since time is money, man has to learn to prioritize his goals for the day.

  • Every morning chalk out what needs to be done for that particular day. Rank it to be from 1 to 5 where 1 is urgent, and 5 are least urgent.

  • Since morning time, an individual is ready for any challenge. Aim to nail down number 1 from your task and gradually keep moving down the ladder of your To-Do items. However, if the day started off on a bad note; you could start working on your least significant chore and work up the items.

  • Chalk out your time wasting habits such as spending time on Social Media sites or chatting with someone or watching TV.

  • Reward yourself by taking hourly breaks and taking 15 minutes break. In this break, you have the liberty to either chase your time wasting habits or could take a nap.

  • At the end of the day, assess your productivity and edit your schedule accordingly. If you have been fruitful in your target, then you could even extend your break to 20 minutes. Choice is yours!


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