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Is it wise to go for an MBA right after graduation?

Updated on September 30, 2010

Is it wise to go for an MBA ( Masters of Business Administration) degree right after college?

I was of the opinion that it was, indeed, the smarter choice to go for an MBA right after finishing my graduation. I came to this precarious conclusion by evaluating 3 things:

1) i wanted to finish all my studying in one go and an MBA right after an undergrad seemed like a good idea.

2) i had read of research that said - you can only formally educate yourself till the age of about 25 , after which your capacity severely reduces

3) I'd learn't that MBA grads got much better salaries and promotions than just a normal graduate degree holder.

Man, was i ever wrong. It's funny how life can change your perceptions of things so quickly that you'd think to yourself - damn! i actually thought like that?

What i realize now, after having worked and gained a lot more wisdom over the years is that:

1) You can never actually ever be done with studying in your life. Life in itself is a big classroom where you're always learning and implementing new idea, thought patterns, behavious etcetera. The learning never ends.

2) I've realized that a lot of those research studies are a bunch of bologna. If you choose to believe them, then their true for you. But I've seen so many studies proved wrong that I've come to the severely doubt their veracity.

3) No doubt MBA grads get better salaries and promotions in the conventional hierarchy of a company. But there are countless dropouts, engineers, doctors, educationists etcetera who are doing extremely well, even without the added degree.

What really hit home for me was :

How can you be taught about painting; if you've never even TRIED painting before??

The concepts that they teach you in an MBA are based on derivatives of team work, finances, markets, human resource, strategizing, goal achieving and the list goes on... We learn the basics about these things in the undergrad atmosphere, but unless you've worked in an ACTUAL industry or company, how will you be able to place the teachings in the right context? The content of an MBA makes SENSE only if you've experienced a situation like it before and can then get that click like - ohkayyy, that's what was happening, and this was the concept behind it, and this is how to make it better or more efficient or solve it. An MBA without experience is like deep sea diving without an oxygen tank, there is only so far that you can dive. The depths will forever remain elusive to you.

These are just my views about it, if anyone feels otherwise, please feel free to share your views.


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      srav 5 years ago

      hi..having read your article im in even more of a dilemma than before... i have wasted a year already trying to crack the MBA entrances after graduation..this is my only hope that i get settled this year..i haven't much knowledge about the real world experiences, how things work at an organisation, etc. im really confused.