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Is technology safe for the user?

Updated on November 15, 2012

Dancing over the snake!

Technology is a double edged knife!

The reach of ‘electronics’ in human life cannot be ignored. Electronic devices and gadgets have made our life easy and entertaining. They save lot of our time and energy, enable easy transactions as well as purchases. Travel plans are in our finger tips. Sitting in the comforts of our home, we are able to achieve many things which took many days earlier. It saves fuel and congestion. Everything can be ordered sitting in your home and they are ‘home delivered’. “Information Superhighways”, they are called.

Let us take the example of a sharp knife. It helps the surgeon in performing lifesaving surgery. It helps the home maker in kitchen, enabling her to cut and peel the vegetables in no time. But one thing about the knife is ‘we must handle it cautiously else, it will hurt us, injure us with bleeding injuries. If left carelessly, children may hurt themselves as others. Hence, it should be hidden from children, away from their grasp. In certain extreme cases, any intruder with an intention to rob the inmates may find it suitable to threaten them and inflict injuries or even kill them.

Now, the great question is whether these instruments of technology is bad or good? The answer is simple. A knife is an inert instrument. It acquires its value by the user. In a surgeon’s hand, it is used for performing lifesaving task, though the surgeon also cut deep to cure the malady of the patient. But a thief, even if he simply scratches other with a knife is punishable under the law. But we pay the surgeon, though he too inflicts cuts only to cure his patients. Hence, the purpose for which the instrument is used determines the good or bad about it.

When we talk about technology, it is also a double edged knife. The user determines its worthiness. The Government may use the technology for many good purposes like education, health and public information. But the same technology is used by anti-elements in subversive activities. We have seen how internet, e-mail and mobile phones are used by terrorists to carry out their plans. When such things take place, we blame the technology, though it was initially meant for easy communication. We boast that the world has shrunk due to technology and information dissemination is instantaneous. But we have to think whether it has helped humanity on the whole. Most of the fruits of technology is used to entertain oneself, purposeless chats, and free communications. Now no body fears about freedom or privacy of others. The adults and children are the worst affected due to unrestrained content on the internet. In addition, social websites give easy access to the distorted personalities to play havoc in the life of innocent girls. Cyber crime has grown to vast proportions and everyone is wary to access their online transactions safely.

Hence ‘security’ is the greatest concern of all including the Police and others who investigate cyber crimes It is said that ‘prevention is better than cure”. Hence cyber security has become the biggest concern of all countries, business and financial establishments. Hence let us surf safely!


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