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Islamic Culture by Pickthal

Updated on June 19, 2020


Pickthal was a renowned writer . He embraced Islam and devoted his life to propagate its message . He throw light in the important featured of Islam . He analyses the causes of the downfall of the Muslims . He suggests some ways to regain the vanished glory of their past . But the Muslims have ignored his suggestions . Today they have set aside their culture and have adopted the culture of the Hindus and the English .
The result is that everywhere in the world they are humiliated and are treated with contempt and hatred . The only way to regain our lost glory is to get rid of the illiterate mullah and Start reading , understanding and acting upon the teachings of the Holy Quran .

The Aim of Islamic Culture

Culture means cultivation of the human mind . According to Pickthal Islamic culture differs from other cultures . It does not aim at the cultivation and betterment of the individual or a group of individuals . Islam has a wider aim . It wants to better the entire human race . This goals can be attained by improving and cultivating man's facilities .

Islam- A Practicable system

Islam is a practicable system of life . It can be put into practice successfully . It differs from other religions because it does not ignore this world . Other religions promise success in other world I.e. the world of hereafter . But Islam promise success in this world also . There is no division between this world and other world in Islam . It is because Allah is the Lord of both the worlds .

The Economic System of Islam

Islam also ensures economic well being of every Muslim . This it does by the system of Zakat . Zakat means " cultivation by pruning " . It is a Tex that is taken from the rich and is given to the poor . It is also expended upon the works of public benefit .

Islam- A Rational Religion

Islam is a rational religion . It appeals to men to use their reason in every field of life . It encourages independent thinking . Islam lays stress on the spread of education . In Islam education is not the right and responsibility of some particular class of society . It ask every man and woman to get education it is because seeking knowledge that a man can guide and help his fellow men . In this way , Islam reject priesthood in which all rights and responsibilities are vested in one man and in one class .

Islam-A Complete Code of Life

Islam is a complete code of life . It gives clear-cut rules and regulations that cover all aspects and all fields of human life . It ensures betterment of the individual as well as the whole human race . It offers a complete political , economic and social system . This system promises peace and stability where there is unrest and strife .

Present Dismal Situation

But it is a pity that in the world of today Muslims themselves are devoid of peace, power and prosperity . It is because their actions are not in according with. teaching if Islam . They have rejected half the Shariah . Now they run after pelf , power and pomp . It is result that if Muslims want to regain the glory of their ancestors , they will have to return to Islam and follow its teachings is a letter and spirit .


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